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Full Version: Clara Croft - Chat (UK Awards day Babe 2022, Ultimate day 2022, Day Empress 2022-23)
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Clara looking great in a tight, short, burgundy dress, lovely stuff.
Another quick change now she has on black pvc trousers and thigh high boots TongueTongue
So thankful to have Clara back on after a long week without her amazingness gracing our screens!
(17-08-2023 08:43 )Stemmw Wrote: [ -> ]Clara looking great in a tight, short, burgundy dress, lovely stuff.

Amongst all her great outfits, I also thought this one was her best of the day today, just stunning in it.
She is back Sunday morning
2 great outfits already this morning it's going to be a great Sunday morning viewing
Clara absolutely crushing it again this morning, can't take my eyes off her show, so gorgeous, so sexy and such a great performer. Outfits again top class, spot on Darren, the first two this morning especially fine but very rarely has any outfit that falls flat.
Back Tuesday morning
Clara was on fire today, & I just couldn't resist an early naughty chat with her. even filthier that ever no time wasting, such a fun babe & a genuinely nice person. Heart
Agree, Clara was on fire! She came out early on showing a generous amount of cleavage. She went on too wear a couple of outfits with mini skirt and boots that really brought out the best in her sexy thighs.

It didn't escape me that she had a dark hair and face makeover that made her look extra gorgeous and went well with any black items of clothing she wore, especially the small, black leather dress and matching boots.
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