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Full Version: Clara Croft - Chat (UK Awards day Babe 2022, Ultimate day 2022, Day Empress 2022-23)
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^ Yeah the black top and purple mini skirt is a firm favourite. Smile Heart
I liked the hot pants and the red boots
Clara doesn't really miss with her outfit choices. Always so many excellent ones on show. Finishing off today with a simple jeans and white top but still so bubbly and sexy. Starting the new year where she left the last, on top form, with plenty more shifts still to come this week too Smile
(24-12-2022 15:02 )HannahsPet Wrote: [ -> ]She really does look like Hayley Atwell be good in an old army uniforn for a bit of Captiain Carter roleplay Wink

I always thought she looked like Wolf of Wall Street era Margot Robbie but with dark hair. Smile
Looking gorgeous as ever loving the boots at the moment
I was delighted when she changed from that leather trousers to a leather mini skirt
She really is imperiously delightful and an utter sexpot. Beautiful face, amazing body, charming demeanour. Got the absolute lot.
Utterly divine she is imo Heart.
^^ & a potty mouth. Important Big Grin
(08-01-2023 12:27 )Boomerangutangangbang Wrote: [ -> ]^^ & a potty mouth. Important Big Grin

Whaaaaattttttt??? Surprised

Surely not Winklaugh.
There was me thinking she was the very essence of decorum and sweet innocence Wink.
Utterly scrumptious again this morning Tongue
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