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Full Version: Clara Croft - Chat (UK Awards day Babe 2022, Ultimate day 2022, Day Empress 2022-23)
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Clara appeared at 05.20 this morning, & full of her usual energy. Fastforward 8 hours, & still the same energy. as her shift is almost over, & the afternoon babes takeover. Today wasn't a one-off, just another example of a babe at the top of her game, reliable, & consistent, & having a year worthy of Awards. I haven't even mentioned the countless outfit changes, & phone skills.
She's definitely great to watch. Never called her before.
Stunning figure and boundless energy
The lady in red pvc this morning she looks so sexy this morning great to watch Heart
First outfit this morning is killer, so damn sexy Smile
^ And again this morning. Gorgeous, sexy, perfect Heart
Clara has the most exquisite pins Blush
It's as well that she does so many shows, really Tongue
Looking great in a white dress at the minute Heart
More cracking shows this week, not resting on her award-winning laurels Tongue
(10-10-2022 23:35 )crankshaft Wrote: [ -> ]Clara is on fire this month. She was looking particularly sexy todayTongue I must say (nice outfits). I think she may be unrivalled for how good she is talking absolute filth on the phone. She should win Daytime Babe of the Year (though very ‘stiff’ competition from Hannah Mac who she was on set with this morning)

Found out how good she is with the filth just now fucking mind blown she isnt shy if only i knew this before haha

definate go to now Tongue Tongue
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