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Full Version: Clara Croft - Chat (UK Awards day Babe 2022, Ultimate day 2022, Day Empress 2022-23)
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Love Clara's dress this morning, so short Tongue
At first I thought she was wearing an army T-shirt and she left the army trousers in the changing room. On closer examination it appeared to be a short, floral patterned dress. No female soldier would wear something like that, Clara looked like she's there to make love, not war.
Alisha Keys - "This Girl is on Fire" Kinda sums it up for me today.Important
Whenever Clara is not on for a few days and she returns, it makes us appreciate her even more. She is in a league of her own.
I wish it could be Clara every day
Another great show from this talented lady so much energy in her performance this morning loving the great outfit choices as well
She is the brightest shining star on daytime and has been for quite a while.
Just a total delight to watch Blush.
Great to see Clara back today doing her thing as the best daytime babe around. It is in her absence that we realise such greatness.
Got in nice & early for a filthy call with Clara this morning, what a woman.shocked
Loving the outfits from Clara today, the sexy secretary look and now the black body suit with a gold belt thingy. Not really showing any skin but still so incredibly sexy Heart
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