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Full Version: Clara Croft - Chat (UK Awards day Babe 2022, Ultimate day 2022, Day Empress 2022-23)
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Another lovely morning of very frequent outfit changes. We've had black top and boots, blue shirt and skirt, and now a very pink and very revealing partially buttoned blouse.

Just gorgeous. Heart Smile
Looking scrumptious this morning. little top unbuttoned those gorgeous puppies spilling out..
Nice little tartan mini, heels and stockings...and as usual foul mouthed and sexy as ever.

Wee stunner.
Fort-holding again today Smile
Yes, looking bright, breezy, chirpy and perky (in that order? Wink ). Loved the blue top, shorts and her snazzy USA shoes.

Delightful. Heart
Bundle of energy throughout her show this morning/afternoon. Very chirpy and bouncy.

Lass needs commended highly for the shift she has put in today.
Loved the Daisy Duke USA look as well....Rarely fails to deliver in an outfit..then again with her figure and assets she looks good in most things!
Lovely to see her this morning in a very colourful and uplifting dress. Wink

Delightful. SmileHeart
She's up to good again today Smile
Grand stuff with Dakota today Tongue
Quite the regular star, and a good thing too Smile
She's quite the morning MVP Tongue
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