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Full Version: Clara Croft - Chat (UK Awards day Babe 2022, Ultimate day 2022, Day Empress 2022-23)
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(07-03-2019 22:56 )verybadroger Wrote: [ -> ]I think her mate Jessica Kelly needs to convince her to join her on a nightshow one time. Imagine!! SurprisedSurprised

Only if it can be a full-on 2-4-1 thing. Maybe with some oil..... Tongue
Clara is getting hotter and hotter.

6 months ago I'd skip right passed, now I can't turn over!
This is Clara's twitter. (The link in the A-Z is to her fan page). I can't believe she currently has just 1189 followers, although she did only join last September.
Clara's very very cute Heart
You think Clara would put some sudacrem on that open wound of hers on her leg!!
(17-04-2019 18:51 )Superhans95 Wrote: [ -> ]You think Clara would put some sudacrem on that open wound of hers on her leg!!

I know.

I keep wanting to phone in and ask how the hell she managed to do that.

But I decided to ask random people off the internet instead
Certainly is very cute. And a filthy glint in her eye, so when she had thigh high boots on I couldnt resist... Filthy mouth as well!
Xpanded are killing it on the daytime roster these days, what with Hannah Mac, Jennifer Kelly, Stevie Louise and most especially Clara.

Such a sexy minx and after a regrettably short call with her the other day (I didn't last long!!) I can vouch for the utter filthiness of her pretty little mouth HeartTongue

Would love to find some topless or nude work of her on t'interweb but not much about that I could find.

Currently the best babe for a DTW on any channel in my opinion Big Grin
She is looking smoulderingly hot in that red number she is currently wearing - it really accentuates her rather lovely curves.
Would love to see her do a show at night.Tongue
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