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Full Version: Clara Croft - Chat (UK Awards day Babe 2022, Ultimate day 2022, Day Empress 2022-23)
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My goodness Clara has such an adorable smile. Infectious it is. Cheered me up just looking at herSmile.
She is much better on the screen on her own
^^ All babes are better on their own but Clara more than most, as she's the most active daybabe currently. However I quite enjoy the vibe with Tia, whoever Clara gets paired with they always seem to have a good laugh with plenty of banter, I would imagine any of the babe would be looking forward to work with Clara, almost as much as we look forward to her shows.
(22-01-2023 13:38 )darren73 Wrote: [ -> ]She is much better on the screen on her own

That can be said for most babes especially on nights.
But on days Clara is simply sublime on her own.
Can show off those glorious pins to best effect for a start.
Looking as gorgeous as ever today
With her award
[Image: 327447115-146183121590604-739692636759168646-n.jpg] [Image: 327459860-750549703072578-7495795923859409490-n.jpg] [Image: 327621700-5570497483078571-4901139910518111556-n.jpg] [Image: 327794878-1235657387380252-6285367021431478923-n.jpg]
Well deserved Smile.
Wow those pictures are awesome. Seeing them makes me more convinced than ever that the best girl won.
Has there ever been a more hands down outright winner than Clara for this award? Clara's shows are always top notch and she is consistently one of the best performers on the daytime shows, week in, week out. No contest.
Lovely outfits, fantastic legs, beautiful smile. Top class morning from Clara Smile
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