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Have any of you guys previously purchased a custom video from any of the presenters and how much did it cost?

I'm just wondering which presenters I should buy one from, and which ones I should avoid asking.

Please share your experiences.
Mikeala Witt has hers shot by a professional cameraman (same guy that does her website videos) so she charges more for them.

Ruby Ryder gets a friend to shoot hers (or does them herself, depending on what you want), so the price is more reasonable (vids are still HD)

Sorry, I'm not going to post actual prices, cause I can't be bothered with the inevitable backlash from some of the numpties on here.
You should definitely avoid Lexi Lowe, I paid £70 for a custom from her and never received it. She said she had problems either rendering or uploading it (this was a few years ago so I don't remember the exact details of what the problems were). At first she was apologetic, said she would keep trying and even gave me a free month's membership to her site and another of her clips as compensation for the wait. Which was all well and good (and I did appreciate it) but I still didn't have what I originally paid her for. I chased her with DM's on Twitter and e-mails, making sure to contact her every time she tweeted that she was filming customs but never got any replies and eventually gave up.

I've had much better experiences with other models but they weren't on the channels, Lexi is the only babeshow girl I've ordered from.
I'm partial to a custom video now and again - there's another thread about this somewhere on this forum too.

But some experiences i've had over the years:

NOT recommended:

Brooke Lea - all well and good at the start, then the excuses came. Did get my money back, but took waaay too long and lots of messages (including on here i'm afraid).

Morgan James - again, all well and good, but as soon as payment made, NOTHING. No communication back at all. Lost money. Bitch.

Tara T - lots of bad rep on here about this lass, but before i read all that, messaged, but got nothing back. So a lucky escape.

Did also contact Charlie Rose and Roxxy Lea, but got no replies, so...

However, VERY happy to recommend:

Leigh Darby - no issues at all. Always replied, always friendly and always delivered.

Lucy Zara - have had no issues and although she's always extremely busy, she's always managed to keep me up to date and delivered.

Michelle Hush/Shelley - long time ago now, but if you're able to contact her, i had no issues with this lass either.

I also contacted Rebecca Kelly and whilst she seemed genuine and friendly, i didn't go ahead as the price was just too much for me.

Some customs from Clips4Sale too, if you're interested:

- Lolly Coxx - UK lass - big tits, very friendly, down to earth and again, always delivers, NO issues ever.

- Mistress Goldie (UK Goldie Blair/Claire Vaughan, now in US) - no problems and always delivers, not quite so communicative though.

- Obey Lady Ashley - US lass, but very friendly, accommodating, cheap and always delivers. NO problems ever.

I won't go into prices, i'll leave that for you, but nothing was ever over £200.

Hope this helps, a little.
Ruby Summers..Heart.price varies depending on content and length, ImportantImportant
(20-08-2017 14:23 )cwpussylover Wrote: [ -> ]Ruby Summers..Heart.price varies depending on content and length, ImportantImportant

:huh:just started to buy customs from some tv girls most bad experiences ?
Lynda Leigh £120 success ?
Maddie Parker..scammer £30
Maisie Liz..scammer £60
Lacey Lorenzo/Angelica River..scammer £30
^^ might need to explain more before people believe you.
Soon as Lacey got payment she just stoped replying to my dm's

Maisie was the same, responded to her
e-mails really fast, sent 60 pounds she said i would have it in 3/4 days..give her 2 weeks then started to sent

must be about 3 month's now she finally responded over 3 weeks back asking for my bank details so she could refund me but she all ready has my details but I've sent them like 4 times since then still nothing.its really pissed me off. I've even started to tweet her & again she just ignored them plus a dude on Twitter told me that she scammed him too & she blocked him then tweeted trying to pretend it was an ex bf all lies honestly can't believe some girl's are like this scamming fans out of money!! Will upload screenshots of bank payments to prove I'm not lying later
Being a massive cynic I wouldn’t ever order a custom from them as most are scammers or shall we say very lazy and unwilling to take the time out from their precious lives to actually do what you pay for.
Their is real nice one's out there

Lynda Leigh

She was awesome really fast & had it within 2 weeks

Kayleigh Wanles
She was really nice, only waited few days

Skyler McKay

My fav, she keeps you up to date really nice girl
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