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Two customs received this week from Michelle Moist and Jess West respectively.
Both excellent quality and delivered in very good time Smile.
I'm currently on my 5th custom from Jennifer Wilde and my 8th from Mia Middleton Smile
Both ladies are lovely to deal with and deliver fantastic customs on time.
Has anyone purchased
Custom from Camilla Jayne ?
Another one from Beth Bennett.
Awesome. Her best one yet Big Grin.
Once more the custom order ruins the health of a lovely model... Anyone else suffer this curse?
I suspect it happens to more than me
^ I had it on a couple of occasions but they were both legit and I got my customs after a little while longer.
That being said the babes involved I knew were trustworthy.
Ooh I've no doubt the video will come But it's been a running theme of the last year
I reckon if a girl gets a custom script from me they should head to the GP right away just in case
(29-08-2022 12:13 )Raider007 Wrote: [ -> ]Also Lynda Leigh.. Great service.. Got my story to perfection LOOKS AMAZING
Definitely recommend on the this experience

Yeah I have been tempted to get one from Lynda Leigh.
Will probably look to do so in the new year.
Been getting a couple of vids from former babe show babe Charlie Monaco...
Fetish friendly, reasonably priced and a VERY fast turnaround from buying to recieving
Highly recommended
Some babes completely put me off with the pricing structure of their customs.
It ranges from a minimum of about $12 p/m through to around $35 or even $40 p/m.

Best value I have come across is Beth by a long way and it's harder content too.
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