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Don't order from Tori Lee. Kept getting constant rubbish as to why she couldn't film it, but funnily enough other content kept appearing on her page regularly and able to send direct messages with content annoyed
Tasha Holz had a special deal on customs over the weekend which I had to take up again. Ordered from her a few times in the past, and as always never failed to deliver such a great video in a quick timeframe. Defo would recommend her again to anyone looking for a vid.
Paige Brooks offering customs on her OF... 100£ 5min
Bought a second custom video from Beth Bennett via only fans. Immaculately done at a very reasonable price and delivered within a week.
Emma C has stopped doing custom videos until September

Bit of a bummer, but gives plenty time to think of ideas

Every cloud and all that Tongue
And now a third custom video from Beth Bennett. Exceptional yet again and even longer than requested.
Superb value for money. Beth is the boss when it comes to customs.
Just brilliant.
Natalia Forrests Onlyfans offers customs ordered a soft bondage one a month ago... One reminder as she says its a twoo week turnaround
It's acknowledged "I'm shooting it tomorrow"
Then nothing
I'm not inclined to beg for it so I'm done with that one
I had a problem with an Alice Goodwin custom a few years ago, when I waited 3 months and eventually gave up.
Well, I have to say it was a totally different experience this time round - prompt delivery, great quality, she played along beautifully to my fetish, plus she tacked an extra minute onto the end.
Very pleased indeed Smile
Will definitely be ordering more.
Does anyone know if Mikki B does customs?
(06-04-2020 15:04 )James Petros Wrote: [ -> ]April Mae the new babestation girl very good.

You must of got her on a good day. Been waiting two month for mine, which I paid for in September. As per usual keep getting the usual bull.

The ones who do really good ones, and do deliver like - Beth, Tasha Holz etc. need praising more and highly recommending. The opposite for those that just take the piss because they know they can, calling them out!
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