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Not that I would ever pay those sort of prices for a custom video, but from what I've seen on twitter KimberleyJ's videos do appear to be of a far higher quality that what any other girls are doing.
Screenshot_2019-05-06  missrubyryder - Twitter Search
(28-04-2019 11:26 )barcount Wrote: [ -> ]KimberleyJ raised her prices maybe 2 months after i bought my 20 min 4k vid custom for 300 €... with her raised prices it would have cost 1600 € if that 1000 € for new cosplay outfit is what shes really asking for Big Laugh

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Hey there, sorry for the delay -
I've only just remembered my log in details LOL, I wanted to explain few things Smile.

Custom Video Prices:

The $999 is there so people DON'T just select it and message me for me to use a specific cosplay outfit in a video this is because:

Some people were asking me to wear a specific thing when I already had the outfit so didn't need to be charged & others expected me to make a full blown outfit within a two week deadline so I added this option to get people to message me and see if the cosplay outfit was feasible - if it needed to be charged & if it some extra time to make and purchase.

So .. no a custom will never be that crazy expensive. It's just to encourage you to message me requests prior - if you needed a specific outfit for a shoot I would just encourage a tip to cover the costs, this wouldn't ever be $999 unless what you're asking for is a super expensive outfit, I basically ask to cover costs, I never make money on an outfit.

Dependent on the choices you select an average 15 minute custom can be around $300 / 10 minute custom $200 .. xxx
^ok ok! i get Cool but 999.99$ still pretty scary Smile
(07-05-2019 18:46 )barcount Wrote: [ -> ]^ok ok! i get Cool but 999.99$ still pretty scary Smile

Yeah don’t worry, no one will ever pay that. Just order your custom as usual, message me prior to wanting a cosplay outfit then we will arrange a tip if needed for the required outfit, but - if you were wanting another Aphrodite video for instance, I wouldn’t charge you for the outfit, because I have it already Smilex

This was implemented because someone didn’t message me prior and wanted an outfit made from scratch and out of a custom latex material which cost me $700 and they ended up only playing $30 which put me out of pocket x
Very Good
Dani O'Neal
Vicky Narni
Ruby Ryder
Olivia Berzinc
Tara May
Ella Mai
French Chloe
Jemma Jey

Dodgy Ground- Payment made and long waiting times/excuses
Alexa Brooke and her GF Cath
Tara T

Cady Kourtney- Accused me of a time waster then blocked me.
Kat Dun- 2 min half-arsed effort.

Can also add Tiffany Chambers to the very good
ANYONE KNOW IF SOPHIE HART does customs, doesnt seem to be much interaction with her followers on twitter annoyed
[Image: Rv2L85U4_o.png]

I think Maxie could do great with custom wish. She does very hot webcamshows.
My 2nd custom with Kimberley... She made very great performance in this. I dont think i could have made this happen with other girls Cool

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