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(28-12-2017 12:37 )King Wrote: [ -> ]Soon as Lacey got payment she just stoped replying to my dm's

Maisie was the same, responded to her
e-mails really fast, sent 60 pounds she said i would have it in 3/4 days..give her 2 weeks then started to sent

must be about 3 month's now she finally responded over 3 weeks back asking for my bank details so she could refund me but she all ready has my details but I've sent them like 4 times since then still nothing.its really pissed me off. I've even started to tweet her & again she just ignored them plus a dude on Twitter told me that she scammed him too & she blocked him then tweeted trying to pretend it was an ex bf all lies honestly can't believe some girl's are like this scamming fans out of money!! Will upload screenshots of bank payments to prove I'm not lying later


Not the best of photo's.
Fucking hate scammers!!
What amazes me is the knock back of steady income.
It took me 3 month and a lot of hassle to get a video out of the now gone Zohra
A prompt delivery would have secured another video sale.
Also of course I stopped calling her on Adult Work.
So for the sake of half an hours work..5, minutes to film..20, maybe, to upload she lost loads
I can recommend Chloe Toy, she is excellent with her custom videos and never tries to rip anyone off.

Really professional attitude, never leaves me out to dry.
Few more i contacted, and unfortunately, in my experience, would NOT recommend either of them:

Charlie C
Got in contact, she said doesn't normally do them, but would do so. Was 'away' at the time, but never got back to me, nor did i follow it up either actually. No money spent/lost, so...

Danni Levy
Likewise, got in touch and she seemed very friendly, very receptive, quick to respond etc. Sent money and got video... BUT... it was crap! Crap low resolution, filmed on mobile phone and basically useless as couldn't watch it.

She apologised and suggested she get it done again, with better quality camera - fine. Suffice to say, nothing then heard and she's ignored me ever since. I even suggested to leave it, but refund me back half the price (seemed fair to me), but no, nothing.

Therefore, lost money and another to add to the bitch/scammer list.
I bought one from Sophia Lares, and it was really good. She didn't show any more than she does on TV really, but it was very horny.
Thanks for all the replies, it's good to know which presenters I should contact and the ones to avoid.

I would've loved to have bought one from Charlie C, but I'll get one from Sophia Lares instead.
Just bought another fetish video from Kellie O'Brian
I've bought a few now.. Always quick to reply..friendly
And the longest it's taken to arrive is about 3week...but that involved getting a friend to help with filming so fair enough..
Well pleased
(02-02-2018 08:07 )Raider007 Wrote: [ -> ]Just bought another fetish video from Kellie O'Brian

How much does she charge? You can PM if you'd rather not say publicly.
Anyone ever ordered a custom from Beth Bennett? She's advertising on Twitter at the minute and she looks slightly irresistible in that catsuit Heart Just wondering how the service was, what kind of things she does in her videos and how much she charges. Feel free to PM me if you'd rather not post on here.

[Image: image-90B6_5A8429C0.jpg]

You should try asking AprilFools, if he's still around, haven't seen him post in a while.....

(26-06-2016 11:36 )AprilFools Wrote: [ -> ]
(26-06-2016 11:25 )Guzzy Wrote: [ -> ]Just wondering has anybody ever got a custom video made from Beth?? I see on her website you can get a 10 minute video for £80

I've had *ahem* 20 of them! Yes you read that correctly. It's been my little pocket money hobby for the past two years. Normally went for the half hour option. They're amazing! Some I even just paid for and asked her to surprise me! Have covered all what I like. Had a behind the scenes one. A music video. A four part story line too.

They're really high quality, and a pretty fast turnaround once they're filmed.

Do it. You won't be disappointed.

(26-06-2016 14:22 )AprilFools Wrote: [ -> ]It's been a while since my first one. But I think I bought one then they contacted me as to what I wanted. I replied with what I wanted, once that was agreed I had to wait around two weeks for it to be filmed (Beth travels up to Manchester to film em so to make it worth her while she spends a day filming multiple customs) then around a week or so after filming you get the download link. All the ones after that I just contacted Beth and the photographer directly to discuss themes then purchased the video. Hope that helps.
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