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Custom order number 16 submitted to Beth Bennett. Should get it at the weekend.

No doubt it will be yet another work of art as all the previous 15 have been Big Grin.
Got it early.
Ridiculously sensational.
Mind bogglingly unbelievable.
Totally off the scale of awesomeness.
Infinity out of ten.

I could wax lyrical for hours and hours.

Safe to say I rather liked it Wink.
Just a heads up guys

If you purchase custom videos from
Michelle Moist & Ashton Rae..

Thay are now re selling them!

I've paid a lot for customs from them, I just find it really shite when they do this!
A lot of girls re-sell the customs, unless you order an "exclusive" (and pay extra), it's fair game to re-sell, apparently.
On Kimberley Jones' ManyVids page she charges a $599.99 fee to make her customs exclusive to just the seller Bounce

Her custom fees starts from $22 per minute for 10 minutes down to $17.50 per minute for 20 minutes. There are other fees for extras too.

She must be doing really well on there because she hasn't had to come back to the channels like other babes from her era.
I did purchase a custom from Kimberley some years ago and to be fair it was very good Smile.
Custom number 17 ordered from the wonderful Beth Bennett.
Anyone would think I'm an addict RolleyesWink
Absolutely sensational yet again.
If you have never bought a custom before I promise you there is no better option than Beth. Amazing value, stunning content and perfect delivery of any scenario you want.
I have requested many and varied plot lines and every one has been immaculate.
Sophia Lares says she makes custom videos in her fanpage Cool
i havent tried buying one yet
I can echo all the great words about Beth Bennett, always delivers amazing customs, great value, one of the easiest to order from and turns them around quickly too!

Plus she’ll always deliver no matter how weird or wacky!
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