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New gas bill means I've probs ordered my last custom
my last 2 experience s have been
"get your orders in guys.. Shooting this week"
Custom ordered.. Money sent
Social media post "having a break.. Back soon"

So maybe it's no bad thing to stop
And that is exactly why i quit buying customs, and I've been tempted since but I remember having about 5 outstanding with different girls at one point where they had been all keen to do it, quick to chase for me to pay then silence and the inevitable tweet a few days later about some sort of health issue meaning they were taking a break.

If you then approach for a refund you either get completely ignored, made out to be an a**ehole for asking for money when they are ill or depressed or just a stream of lies about when content will be made.

I would love to go back to buying occasionally but been burned too often now.

I have noticed a new trick of when a customer decides not to buy for whatever reason, some girls (Sophia Delane for example) have taken to "outing" the guy as a time waster with personal pics etc.. its become a real dangerous game now.
Still buying customs from Beth Bennett.
Always very reasonably priced and top quality.
All seven of them so far and counting Smile.
Has anyone had a custom from Lori Buckby? I said my custom days were over but wondered if she was reliable. Thanks.
Everyone has been saying how good Beth is...
Took advantage of her $10 a minute naked only OF sale
Great video delivered same day

Also Lynda Leigh.. Great service.. Got my story to perfection LOOKS AMAZING
Definitely recommend on the this experience
Yep. Another custom from Beth received.
Immaculate as ever. She really is a gem.
Yep, Beth is a gem. Never hear a bad word said about her either from fans or from those she works with
I recall someone on here previously advising to avoid Tori Lee.

Stupidly, I ignored that advice and ordered a custom. That was 9 months ago and surprise surprise, there's still no sign of it.

Initially I got the usual "sorry honey, I'll get it done this weekend" replies to reminders - and now she's gone silent on me.
I use Penny Lee for my customs, I find her very naughty/filthy (subbed to her OF anyway ) and the are decent priced and can pay in GBP which I prefer (no pissing about with dollars and vat
Lynda Leigh was so good first time I ordered another
Love how she's worked both times
Didn't ask for the payment till a day or two before shooting... A pleasure to deal with and of course, sexy as fuck
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