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I've just joined so I can reply to this thread.

I've had 2 customs from Heather Kay. Both delivered promptly and exactly what I was asking for.

Unfortunately I didn't see this thread before I ordered one from Marni Moore. Was due to be delivered Sunday or Monday and she's stopped replying to my messages. She has sent me new messages offering cheap customs though lol. You live and learn I suppose.
I am squarely on the Beth hype train, just had my 3rd custom (with a 4th due to be ordered) and she is just too damn good - looks stunning, acts superbly, well priced, good turnaround. Highly recommend.
Be careful of Danni Levy, charges reasonable but after sending very easy script, messages ignored for 3 weeks then sent a rushed one before bedtime it seemed and nothing like as requested!! poor!
Eighteenth custom from Beth Bennett.
Awesome as usual Big Grin.

First one from Serenity.
Most excellent Big Grin.
Just had my 4th video off Serenity she such a good performer does what you want her to plus she is pretty quick at doing the videos well worth the money
Still waiting for my custom video from Georgia fox been waiting ages she never talks you about delays
No one have a video off Georgia Fox she so unreliable I still haven't had my video plus her commication skills are shit
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