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Jerk off counsellor

Hello, I'm Dr Jones. We spoke on the phone yesterday. I'm so glad you could make it here on time. I can only squeeze you in for a quick session as my schedule was already so full, but let's get started so we can figure out the meat of the matter.

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Sexy Teacher Encourages You To Stroke For Her

As school inspector you were meant to be shown around by the Headmistress, however she was called away and you have been left with teacher Miss Ray to complete your tour. Your final location is the school gym and it isn’t long before Miss Ray spells it out. If you give the school the rating she wants she will make sure you have a very nice ending to your tour. She tells you to get your cock out, and start stroking it for her as she starts to slip off her cute outfit encouraging you as she does. She teases you relentlessly and when she is in just her lingerie and stockings you don’t think you can hold out much longer, but you must wait. When Miss is completely naked she makes it clear once again that you will give us a perfect rating as she opens her legs to show you her pussy before counting you down to your explosive ejaculation.

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Groping Ghost Investigation

“Welcome back to ‘LIVE with Cali Logan!’ Channel 4’s number one source for your on the scene action!” Today, reporter Cali has paranormal investigator, Cadence Lux, here to talk about her creepy experience with the alleged “Groping Ghost” that haunts this house! Cadence starts off saying that she has a ton of experience in the paranormal world, but this one takes the cake. She’s never heard of ghost that TAKES CLOTHES then GROPES the people it’s haunting! In fact, she doesn’t even believe this story at all!

Cadence believes that ghosts or entities can’t actually touch a live human being. Cali flares up a little, she personally has been stripped naked and groped by the naughty presence! Cadence tries to defend her case further when—something PINCHES her ass!!! She tries to play it off when—it feels like something is GROPING her!! Cali tries to say its the ghost, but Cadence brushes it off as a weird nerve-y feeling! POOF! Cadence’s clothes are gone!! HA—Cali knew it! Ladies and gents, welcome in the GHOST!

Cali, in a snarky tone, starts to question the stripped down paranormal investigator. “Do you really think this is a hoax still, Miss Cadence?” Cadence tries to claim that she still has her reservations, she just doesn’t see how it’s possible for a ghost to remove a woman’s clothes! POOF! Now Cali’s clothes are gone!!! Something like this happens every time Cali walks into this house! All for the views, Cali intentionally embarrasses herself like this on LIVE TV! And still, Cadence is a groping ghost disbeliever!

Cali really starts to drill Cadence about her ghost hunting skills! She wants answers! If Cadence is the best paranormal investor in town, then she needs solve this mystery! Cadence admits that the energy readings of the house declare that this ghost wants to be left alone—suddenly the ghost starts to grope both ladies all over!! Feisty feisty!! Ghosts aren’t suppose to feel sexual arousal—but this ghost seems horny!! POOF! Embarrassingly, the ghost steals Cadence’s bra and panties first—then Cali’s, of course! Ha!

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After Class Special

Miss Indy is in class after school grading papers for the next day. Hannah comes in telling Miss Indy that she wants to talk to her about something personal. Hannah pulls out her phone which holds pictures, content that Miss Indy is soon about to see. As Miss Indy focuses her eyes on the phone she sees that it contains pictures of herself. Giving oral pleasures to a male student. Miss Indy wonders how Hannah got those, but does that really matter. Hannah has the pictures and Miss Indy is done with unless she listens to what Hannah tells her. Hannah wants Miss Indy to strip out of all of her clothes, meanwhile making comments about what she has done. Only to make Miss Indy more humiliated. There is another student in the class that is in on all of this sitting back and watching. Miss Indy cant believe this is going on, Hannah pleased with what is going on, wasn't prepared for what was about to happen next. Hannah's friend decides to pull out the pictures they have of Hannah. Hannah completely mortified, thinking she could confide in her friend, was wrong. Hannah then asks Miss Indy and her friend if they were in on this together. Miss Indy thought that Hannah and her friend were in on it together. But they both were slapped with a change of pace. Hannah now has to get undressed. Hannah completely humiliated has no choice but to do so. Blackmail set against both of them. There is nothing more they can do but to follow orders that are instructed to them.

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Women's soccer with a difference

I play soccer on a women's team. I often use my slave to train. First I kick his ass and then his balls. Balls are of course more fun for a soccer player.

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Erotic story telling

Watch me strip as I read you an erotic story 'Hidden Desires'

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Stripping in the woods

See lovely black girl Kenya Diaw dancing and stripping in the woods.

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Window to the neighbourhood

The new tenant in the opposite apartment had forgotten to close and black out her window and so her little secret was revealed. Masturbating in front of her webcam.

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Strip Blackjack

Aften is so bummed she's not going to get to go to Vegas with her friends, her folks say she has to wait for her second vaccine before they will let her leave town. For Aften's friend Celestina, she's fired up to go but is worried that she doesn't know how to pay blackjack, luckily for her Aften knows and is willing to teach her. They start playing a few practice hands and Aften suggests that to play blackjack properly they really ought to be playing for something.. the two practically come up with the idea together - STRIP BLACKJACK!

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Officer Cali

Office Cali Logan on the scene! She’s looking for culprit and demands that she receive the utmost respect as an officer of the law! Cali wants to read him his rights and get this over with... suddenly she spots him in the corner! She’s counting to three and ending this now! She walks over... and he immediately strips her! Her shirt fly through the air... her pants fly through the air... oh no! Not her panties too! Officer Cali Logan is left on the scene with nothing on by her police officer’s hat!

Officer Logan is left to do everything the criminal says, and he even uses excessive First, he wants her to do jumping jacks NAKED! Next, he wants to see some naked jiggling! Cali is mortified and can’t believe how humiliating this is. She even threatens to arrest the culprit again, but he threatens to her... so back to naked jumping jacks again! She’s just buying time until she gets her handcuffs back... she even starts to get flirty by jiggling her butt... when suddenly she realizes the culprit left with her clothes!

Time for Officer Cali to run to the office for another uniform without being seen! Of course, Cali’s sergeant walks in on her naked! She quickly tries to explain, with great confidence, the whole situation... but the sergeant isn’t buying it. Cali is left to nervously try tell the rest of the story on how to she got back to the police station naked. The sergeant decides he’s not going to write her up, but she will still receive a punishment... Officer Logan needs more humiliation for not calling for backup or following protocol! She has to spank herself for being a bad officer!

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