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Captured Curves gets tickled

Rara has been tied up by BlackSwann with silk scarfs to a chair. BlackSwann has got a black feather duster and tickles Rara and takes off her black heels and tickles her feet. Rara wearing sexy red lingerie with black zips, cannot control herself and wriggles and laughs in agony from all the tickling, so she gets silenced with a silk cleave knot gag, and later with an OTN silk gag over the top. BlackSwann gets Rara’s big boobs out and plays with them and tickles her more and more. Eventually blackswann gags herself with an OTN silK scarf to match Rara’s one. And they share gagged kisses and lots of boob play.

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First Time Cuckold Story - HD

I tell you all about the first time I cucked my ex boyfriend and how it happened, whilst sitting topless and showing off my big perky tits.

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Violet Talks About Sex

A lighthearted yet "real talk" chat about sex. Violet shares some tips, tricks, and challenges that she has overcome, or is still working on, in her sex life. The main topic of the chat is reducing pain or discomfort during sex. Violet believes that pain and discomfort during sex are common roadblocks for women. It is Violet's own experience that discomfort during sex can reduce pleasure and intimacy, and she has been working on trying to solve these uncomfortable mysteries for herself, some of which she shares here.

Violet offers personal tips on how she has reduced pain and soreness from sex. She also shares specific techniques that have helped enhance her sex life, and reduce recovery time from intercourse. She also talks about how she cares for her body pre, during, and post sexual activity.

Violet talks about how crucial mindset towards sexual activity can be in a relationship, and shares her thoughts on the subject. She also talks about building trust in relationship and the importance of communication.

Comfort during sex is key to enjoyment and Violet wants to share what has worked for her so far. Check out this clip for a more personal chat about sex, enjoy some of Violet's stories, and perhaps get an idea or two on how to make sex a more comfortable and enjoyable experience in your life.

*Disclaimer: VioletFoxy is not a medical professional of any kind and all tips/stories should be taken with a grain of salt. This clip is soft-core entertainment, not an instructional video. Violet is not responsible for any injuries inflicted from following advice in this clip.

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Nudist In The Kitchen - HD

Cheeky brunette Jodie loves the naturist lifestyle as she walks in to her kitchen totally naked. Jodie then does the ironing and makes herself a cup of tea. This clips has some bonus nudist footage of Jodie chilling out reading her magazine and walking about in the lounge.

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Naked Yoga - HD

Watch me doing my Yoga Workout completely naked! Not even wearing makeup! From three different angles see my toned body bend, twist, flex and contort!

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Dance and JOI - 4K

Upbeat dancing! Sexy energy shot for your day. I shake it and dance, stripping nude out of booty shorts and tank top. Armpit fetishists may appreciate the sexy armpit views! For the last 1/4 of the video, I give you JOI and finish things off with a cum countdown.

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Afternoon Fun JOI - HD

Anabelle Pync enters the room and bend over the dresser so that you get nice upskirt views. The white sheer stockings go up her long legs and to just below her ass, emphasizing those sexy curves. She plays with the flowing skirt before slowly pulling it down and revealing a seductive white lingerie set complete with white full back panties, and a garter belt. She slowly pulls down her hair from its updo and brushes it out so that it is nice and full.

Now she is ready to sit on the bed and removes her bra, revealing her perfect, large tits. Gingerly she rolls down her stockings and displays her tan legs. She lotions up her feet and shows off her soles while rubbing it in.

Just as she is about to remove the panties, she utters her first word. She wants you to get naked. Oil is rubbed on her ass and she promises that you are going to make a mess. She rubs her tits until they are oily and shiny.

Now she is ready to instruct you, but you have to resist cumming before she does. You can handle the teasing, can’t you? Start from the bottom to the top, just like her hand does. Grabbing her large dildo, she lubes it up and strokes it the way she wants you to do it.

The head of the cock goes on her wet pussy and she teases about putting it inside. When she pushes it in, Anabelle gasps as the girth stretches her out and turns her on so much. She grips onto the cock just like she would grab onto you.

She begs you to cum when she cums and wants your dick. That was just what she needed!

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Sexy Step-Sister - HD

Featuring Monica Jade!

Hey Step-Bro. Are Step-Mom and Step-Dad home? I had a very long day and am going to strip out of these clothes and take a nap. Why are you looking at me that way? It looks like you are looking at my ass? I had no idea that you liked how my ass looked. Do you like looking at me? Do you want me to put on a little show for you?

Looks like you are getting really excited as I strip out of my bra and panties. Have you fantasized about me a lot? I will show you if you keep this as our little secret. You can touch yourself while looking at your step-sister. I want to watch you play. Don't be shy because I know you have done this before.

Go nice and slow while I tease my body. It feels so good to touch myself. I like having you watch me but I want to have you. What if I get on my hands and knees and you release a big load on my face.

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Outdoor Webcam - HD

Real couple Italian. I enjoyed doing the webcam with one of you outdoors while people watched me, and I made him cum in 5 minutes.

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This is a Rope Bondage fest with nothing but amazing female talent. Featuring AstroDomina, Katrina Jade and Little Mina!

Little Mina is in a bit of a predicament. She's bound with a chest harness and some crotch rope. Her mouth is covered in tape. Sydney is trying to explain that Mina better cooperate because the place she's going next might not be as nice to her. She hasn't really made up her mind yet. Maybe she'll sell Mina. Maybe she'll use her as a sex slave for a while. So many options. Then, a sudden knock on the door. Sydney's nemesis Katrina Jade discovered where Sydney was hiding and is now here to take revenge. She overpowers Sydney and gets her all tied up and gagged as well. And her intentions are to take advantage of both tied up ladies. How the tables have turned. Sydney went from top to bottom in no time. Katrina Jade checks all the ties, plays with the girls, gropes them and taunts them. She seems excited to have some play time with the girls and Sydney gets to go first.

After playing with the girls for a while, Katrina Jade has both of them tied up on their knees, bound and gagged again with nowhere to go. Katrina Jade walks over to Sydney and pulls her boobs out of the see through bra she's wearing. Taking turns between Mina and Sydney, she uses her riding crop to tease and taunt the girls. All they can do is mumble and gag talk as they get groped and played with by their captor.

The tables have turned. Sydney is now in charge and has both Little Mina and Katrina Jade on the bed. She's putting the finishing touches on Katrina Jade's bondage. Sydney is excited about having two girl to offer to the slavers. Especially two beautiful specimen like Katrina Jade and Mina. All the two ladies can do is mumble and watch Sydney immobilize both and add a lot more rope bondage to her victims. Katrina Jade gets an extra crotch rope and Little Mina also gets more rope to make sure she can't go anywhere.

After a little break, Sydney comes back in the bedroom to check on both of her victims. Katrina Jade and Little Mina both lack the energy to put up any kind of fight. Turns out Sydney put a mild in the drinks they both had earlier. As Sydney hog ties Mina, she breaks the news to the ladies that a new buyer has surfaced. As soon as she's done with them, the ladies will be shipped off to their new owners where they'll be put to use as sex slaves. The ladies don't seem to have enough energy to really react to this news. Once Sydney is done with Mina's hog tie, she walks over to Katrina Jade's side of the bed and adds plenty more rope bondage to make sure she can't wiggle as much anymore. As Sydney walks out, all they can do is struggle and wait for their new owners to arrive.

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