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Workout Challenge

It's the Savage Naked Fitness Icon Workout Challenge. The rules are you can't wipe the sweat from your face until the end of the entire workout. No AC, an extra heater on...and you can't stop moving! Let's get after it!

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Sexy Christmas Striptease Dance

Happy Christmas everybody! I set up my camera and did a special strip tease dance for you all. Here I dance to two songs and strip down to my red lingerie and black thigh high boots. I'm having fun and getting into the festive spirit, so enjoy my moves as I dance and striptease down to my sexy red underwear and stiletto boots. Merry Christmas!

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Satin to Nude Strip

I’m in the mood to take it all off for you right now. Starting in my long red satin robe with black velvet trim, I slide it off to reveal a fushia satin and black bra, and black lace panties. Enjoy my thick curvy body swaying for you, as I smile and flirt. One slim shoulder strap goes sliding down, and then another. I come back with red lipstick on to take my bra off, squeezing and stroking my 38D breasts, making a tight hand bra and then letting them bounce from side to side.

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Strip Shower Masturbate

This twenty-something Spanish seductress Carmina Ordena gets wet in the shower before she strips naked and plays with 34C-30-35 knockers-waist-hips, 5' 5" and 140 pounds of flesh hanging on her naked body. Good cam girl! Carmina does a good job of rubbing her hanging sacks, pinching her nips, rub-a-dubbing her snatch, and spraying her shaven slit with water.

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Penny The Stripper

Penny Lee is known to be the naughtiest Dancer in the club. You have taken her off for a private Dance and wow you did not regret that. She is so hot as she dances so sexily stripping out of her outfit, turning you on, grinding her curves against you, her juicy big ass and tits. No touching though, you only get to watch Smile She looks so hot once she is completely naked, teasing you with her curves.

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Aspen Romanoff & Hime Marie - Music Video

Aspen and Hime are dancing to the rhythm of a track. Their hands roma over each other as they roll their bodies to the beat getting closer and closer to each other. “You feel so fucking good” Hime moans as she plays with Aspen’s big tits

“I can’t stop touching you” Aspen responds.

“Where are we?” Hime asks forgetting how they even got here, the music making it hard for her to think. “Music Video silly” Aspen responds before pushing her friend onto a sofa and kissing up her body.

“But if this is a music video, where’s the band?” Hime says continuing to try and make sense of it all. “Let’s ask the producer” Aspen says with a smile.

Before she even realizes it she’s kissing and rubbing the producer’s cock, his hand squeezing her firm ass as Aspen adores him from the other side. But she pulls back, “Wait if this is a music video where are the cameras?” Aspen doesn’t give her long to think about it as she pull her close so they can both kiss the producer together.

They’ve never tasted anything so good in their lives, their tongues dance around his mouth as they desperately lick to savor more of him. “You taste so good” Hime whispers in his ear, “I can’t stop”.

“Let us taste every inch of you” Aspen begs

“Thank you master” Aspen moans, it sounds so natural to call him that with all the pleasure he’s giving them. “I’m gonna cum just from your sucking my nipples”. Hime can’t believe she’s deep throating a man she just met but she just can’t stop herself. When she finally comes up for her drool spills from her lips, “Why is my mouth tingling?” she whispers in his ear, “Who are you?” she asks but doesn’t wait for an answer...she needs to taste his mouth again. No...she stops herself

“Aspen we have to stop, he’s doing something to us” she pleads with her friend.

“I know doesn’t feel amazing? Share him with me,” Aspen begs her friend, but Hime knows she has to resist...she just needs to clear her head she thinks as she falls back on the floor watching Aspen pleasure her new master.

Maybe if she just plays with herself...just stop tasting him. Stop pleasuring him. But her friend looks so good with his cock in her mouth, she looks so happy milking him. “Fuck I need step-daddy’s cock” Hime whimpers as she touches her dripping wet pussy.

“Thank you master” Aspen says as she quickens her pace hoping to get her mouth filled with cum.

“No” Hime moans out on edge, “Don’t let him cum....” But it’s too late. He points at her and Aspen crawls over to her friend.

Hime shakes her head, but she can’t resist, she can smell his load she wants it and she lets her friend pour it into her waiting mouth. After her climax passes she looks up, her eyes filled with lust. Why had she resisted? Why wouldn’t she want to feel this way always?

“I’m so sorry I resisted you master” she says taking his cock into her mouth again, “I didn’t realize how good you could make me feel. I’m sorry I was a bad girl. I want to be a good girl for you”.

“Look at her master, she can’t control herself. She’s so desperate and needy. Just like me” Aspen says as she plays with his balls, her friend bobbing up and down on his cock.

Hime - Thank you master. Thank you for selecting me. Thank you for letting me suck your cock. I’m going to do such a good job master. I’m going to make you feel so good I promise. It’s what you deserve master, to be worshipped by two perfect little sex slaves. Our young mouths devoted to bringing you pleasure, to making your cock feel good.

Aspen - Are we doing a good job master? Do you see how badly we need you? Look at her eyes water master. She’s so desperate to prove herself

Hime - Oh master do you like seeing us cry for you? Our innocent little eyes welling up with tears of joy as we choke on your cock. Please don’t make us stop. Please. we’ll do anything to please you.

Aspen - Thank you master. Thank you for making me cry. Thank you for letting me choke on your cock.

Hime - We love being your good . It’s what you deserve.

Aspen - To be shared by to mouths

Hime - Worshiped by two tongues

Aspen - Adored by our watery eyes

Hime - Pleasured until you can’t take it anymore and you cum so hard.

Aspen - Please cum for us master, just let yourself go whenever you want.

Hime - Cum while we look into your eyes. We won’t blink master.

Aspen - Cum whenever and where ever you want master. Its what you deserve.

Hime - All that matters is your pleasure.

They share him, working together to bring him as much pleasure as possible. Hime spitting between Aspen’s big tits as she tittyfucks their master. They won’t stop until he’s satisfied, until he feeds them another delicious load. They beg and beg. Worshiping his cock. Kissing and licking all over it as they declare their devotion to him. Who cares how they ended up here. Who cares where the band or the cameras are...all the matters is his pleasure.

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Behind The Scenes Of A Cam Girl

Have you always wanted to know what it’s like to peek in on the behind the scene of a cam girls room? Jump in and watch as hot curvy MILF Eve let’s you sit in on her room as she teases and flirts with her fans live on cam!

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Babysitter Football

Stella is home from college for the summer, she decides to pay Mr Miller a visit as she remembers he used to coach football, Stella also used to babysit for the Millers so she feels confident he will be able to help her. Her first year she joined a girls powderpuff football league, but wound up dropping a game winning touchdown as she folded under pressure! because of her, her WHOLE TEAM had to run through the quad NAKED! Stella wants to play again this year but for that she'll have to learn how to catch the ball under pressure, for that Mr Miller has a unique idea on how to simulate pressure as she catches the ball, namely STRIP FOOTBALL! for every pass she drops Stella must STRIP OFF AN ARTICLE OF CLOTHING! Stella is beautiful and so captivating in this one! Enjoy!!

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Latex catsuit outdoor

Sweet blonde in clear transparent latex catsuit outdoors. Popular fetish clip.

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Risky Retail Flashing

Hi, I'm 40-yr-old Sammi Starfish, your favorite real life milf wife. In this video you get to see me wearing several different outfits flashing my exhibitionist side at several public retail locations. Flashing my ass, pussy, and tits at Ollies, Big Lots, Dick's Sporting Goods, Barnes and Noble and in the parking lots, and finally outdoors in the park. You will see whaletail flashing, open shirt tits flashing, upskirt flashing, and pantyhose flashing with no panties. To see all of my outfits watch the video preview. I have a HUGE public flashing fetish and I love doing these movies probably more than anything else. I just love the risk of being caught and love seeing the reactions of people who see that I'm not wearing any panties under my miniskirt. I love finding guys trying to sneak pictures of me and pretending they are just doing something on their phone. They are so obvious I love it haha. If you have a public flashing fetish this movie is my longest and riskiest public flashing movie to date. It was so so fun. Support this video and I'll definitely do more of them. xoxo

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