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Office Video Call Gone Wrong

Picture this: You're a head of department for a successful company and you've just had a new (cute) girl start in your team. Due to COVID, staff are still working from home so you've been catching up with your staff over Zoom. After a good chat with the new girl, you're about to log off when you notice her webcam is still running. She's been distracted by a phone call to one of her girl friends, by the sounds of it. You hear her say 'her new boss is hot' and you're intrigued so you stick around and keep watching.

She talks about you for a while to her friend - planning ways that she might be able to fuck you. You're a married man and she knows this - but she doesn't seem to care. You're shocked when she takes off her dress to reveal her perfect boobs and you suddenly feel a little creepy to still be watching... but she's so hot. She has such a tight, toned little body. You find yourself growing hard and you're unable to close down the app.

She finds pictures of you on vacation in your swimming trunks and sends them to her friend to show her how attractive you are, and then she starts touching herself. You can hear how wet she is thinking about you. Her friend hangs up and she begins using her vibrator on her clit while looking at your pictures on her phone. Next she reaches over to her drawers and pulls out a dildo to slide into her wetness. She mutters filth to herself about you as she fucks herself.

She rides the dildo for a while at the end of her bed and you're able to properly see her naked curves as she bounces on the toy. But, this new girl is an anal slut - she lifts her leg to fit the dildo inside her tight arsehole and fucks her arse as she holds her vibrator on her cunt. She cums extremely hard and is a shuddering mess on the bed. She uses her fingers to show how stringy and wet her pussy is and mutters 'if he makes me cum this hard without even being here... just imagine'.

You don't even notice you have your cock in your hand at this point. But she's begun walking back over to her computer and realises her terrible mistake.

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Candle in the Mud Tub

Candle Boxxx melts the cameras and half of Camp MPV as she lights up the mud tub with her incredible physique and sexual energy! This scene stands out not just for those reasons, but also because Candle gets herself completely covered *before* satisfying her craving for mucky masturbation!

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Lola's naked punishment

Lola has come to my premises to receive her first fully nude punishment. She is interviewed then told to strip completely. She firstly receives 15 strokes of the cane on her hands. Then she receives 20 strokes on her breasts with a a martinet. Then receives 30 strokes on her bottom with a cane. Then 20 strokes on her pussy with a heavy leather flogger. This is her first ever pussy punishment from Miss Belle. After the punishment she is interviewed again.

Lola starts off with a red dress then strips off completely. Miss Belle is wearing an olive green bra and a leather skirt.

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Hot MILF taking a shower

Hot MILF fulfilled her promise and placed a webcam in the shower. You can watch her beautiful body, big tits, ass and shaved pussy. An authentic real-life experience.

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Basketball Tryouts

Look, there are a lot of fine upstanding coaches out there but then there is also Coach Wood..

18 year old River has just moved and changed schools over the summer, now she wishes to play for her new school's varsity basketball team just as she played for her small town team the past two years. She pays Coach Wood a visit to his house a week before school starts just to get a leg up on the competition. With it being too hot to go outside for a tryout, Coach Wood has her take a few shots on his indoor mini basketball hoop, River shows a bit of her form but Coach Wood now wants to see how River performs under pressure! He somehow talks into her into playing STRIP POP-A-SHOT! there may be some merit in it but then again Coach Wood may perhaps just really want to see this well toned female athlete out of her clothes!

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The Vampire Hunters Failure

Gigi just wanted to avenge her sisters end at the hands of the vampire Eve.

She finally found her lair and prepared to attack the vampire.

Eve, however, was bored out of her mind and wanted to play with her food so she pretended to be Gigi's victim to play along and have some fun.

Eventually however Eve gets tired and wants to feed and mesmerizes her food and commands her to strip, dance, and beg for her life.

Not that it matters. Gigi is just food after all, and some entertainment.

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Check out these humongous tits

Big ass tits model on the screen to tease and jerk off.

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Stripping Zombie

You are a doctor in the zombie apocalypse and it looks like your special mesmerize mist is ready for it’s final test! I am not so happy being the zombie test subject for your brain control plan and I want to be let out! *DING* Whoa you want me to strip? OKAY!~

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She masturbated in the workplace

The chubby girl took advantage of the fact that she was the first one at work in the morning and so she had a moment to herself, which she used to satisfy her horny pussy. She stripped off her panties and masturbated under her desk until she had a wonderful orgasm.

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Office Teasing Game

You have been working late today with your sexy blonde coworker. You are distracted by the shape of her nipples through her thin satin blouse. After sitting for so long, she needs to stretch. She stops typing and filling out forms and leans back in her chair. As she raises her arms over her head, her shirt lifts up to show her belly button. She apologizes and tucks her shirt back into her blue jeans. This happens several times before she sits up straight and starts stretching her feet and ankles. She sits with her legs crossed and rotates her ankle, letting the shoe dangle. A small piece of fluff from the soft rug gets caught in her shoe and clings to her soft sole. She doesn't notice and carries on rolling her ankle from side to side, revealing her soft soles, making eye contact with you. She unbuttons her blouse enough to show her sexy cleavage and now when she stretches, the open blouse often shows her pink nipples or even the entirety of her round breasts. She stands to stretch, dropping some papers. When she bends to pick them up, you can clearly see the whaletail of her pink thong. She picks up her papers and returns to stretching, leaned back against the wall, raising her arms over her head repeatedly. You get frequent views of her belly button and occasional peeks at her sexy natural tits as she stretches this way and that. Eventually she sits down to chat briefly with you and is amused when you offer to finish all of her work as well as your own.

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