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Red Pill: Swallow the Truth

**NOTE: listen to the audio preview with headphones to get a taste of the journey this clip will take you on. As with many of My mesmerizing clips, it is highly recommended to watch this in a dark room with high quality headphones.**

Will you take the red pill, or the blue pill?

Right now, you may still be tasting the latter. You want to believe that our time together still merely exists within the realm of fantasy. This feels so good, and you only know Me in the virtual world, so what damage can any of this really cause?

This pill is easier to swallow. It feels safer to indulge if it seems as if there is a way out, but you need to liberate yourself with the truth.

All of this feels so good — and so very intense — because it is real. The power and influence I have over you isn’t a product of your fantasy. Your mind, body and soul truly do belong to Me, and it’s about time that you acknowledge this.

I know you better than you know yourself. That is why this is so erotic, and that’s why you are truly... addicted.

You need to swallow the truth, embrace it, and sexualize it. There is no way out, so there’s no need to lie to yourself anymore.

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Are you ready for today's mindfuck session? Get ready to have me get in that head of yours!

You're starting your session with doctor Sydney today, and she's explaining how she plans to really dig deep in that brain of yours, and come up with some really potent "treatments" for you. She wants you to be as relaxed as possible and keep it casual to begin, so she takes off her jacket and then takes out some shiny pink lip gloss.

See seems unaware you have a deep-seeded fetish for shiny lip gloss, but in reality she has plans to use this against you. She beckons you over to watch her apply the lip gloss, watch as she makes her lips shine with layer after layer, slowly applying it again and again and asking you to just focus on her lips. The combination of her applying the shiny pink gloss, with her slow, steady voice instructing you to follow is making your eyes feel heavier..

She knows she's putting you into a deep trance right now, making you even more submissive and suggestive to her. There's no resisting her now, she's got your mind in a inescapable grip now. Just look at her sparkling lips and listen to her enchanting voice and go deeper.. deeper... deeper...

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Busty Babe Nyla Storm Live Show

I was encouraged to talk about the last time I sucked cock in real life. Boy was that a hot fucking story to tell. My story was so hot it made my pussy wet retelling the naughty things I did in the club and car. Once I saw how hard his cock was I shoved my toy deep down my throat just to way I like it! I used 2 cocks because I'm such a whore. Then we masturbated together and both came on the cum count down. There's nothing like spreading my legs open so you can see just how wet and beautiful my pussy is!

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It's Healthy To Twerk

Twerking is good for your health but more importantly, it's even more healthy to watch someone twerk. So let me twerk for you nude! You're about to get a major health boost!

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JOI - Full One Hour Show

This is a full, unedited cam show (some downtime, chatting, an appearance by my cat...).

I strip down slowly and instruct you how to stroke for a long, slow JOI. Towards the end we pick up the pace and edge over and over. I speed you up, slow you down, make you stop and wait while I tease you with my body. You're completely at my mercy.

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Metronome Edging Game

Today we're going to practice a little speed & endurance training. You'll watch me tease in my tight metallic dress as you stroke along to the pace of my metronome. Whatever tempo I set will determine the speed of your strokes. Faster and faster and then nice and slow, as I strip down to my bra and panties. The tempo will vary, my teasing will intensify, but you'll have to keep up no matter what. We're going to train that cock to obey. Can you keep up? If you lose control too soon, you'll have a punishment in store.

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Desperate Leaking Drone - 1080p

You love it when I tease you with my sexy irresistible bikini body. You just can’t get enough! You turn into a desperate leaking drone for Me. What if I leave you that way permanently? What if you get stuck in that state? What if you can only snap out of it long enough to be a productive member of society? That’s just how I want you. I want you to be EAGER for Me. Do you see how easy it is for me to make you drip? Almost uncontrollably. You have no control here. You just do as you’re told. Now stroke your cock for Me drone. Everything within you is telling you to. That’s all you want to do. Build on those blue balls. Yearn for Me slave. Be the horny little desperate leaking drone you are!

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More Straps More Strokes: EDGING Tension

More straps means more STROKES. Edge away to my beautiful body and feel that tension arise. Balls filling by the second. Stroke it to my sway. Right to the edge over and over again. Stopping only long enough to refrain from cumming. Edging is good for you. Feeling the build up and the frustration is like nothing else while I tease you. You know that you’re a loser for me. And you know that it’s ok. You’re right where you want to be - right where you belong. With your cock’s fate in my hands.

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Foot Clinic - Tickle and Worship Treatment

Poor sexy Amirah has been all over the country trying to find a doctor who can diagnose her foot problem. It's so painful to walk on the ball of her foot that she needs a special open half shoe so it stays of the ground. That doesn't cure it though and her toes are always cold, people are always staring, her heels are unbalanced and shoes different, etc. Her last desperate hope is a clinic she's heard about that offers unusual therapies for hopeless cases like hers. She doesn't know what to expect, but after months she'll try anything to relieve her half naked foot and hopefully wear a normal shoe again. When she gets there the place looks like a regular clinic and the doctor seems professional, but when she starts touching and tickling Amirah's naked sole and toes blasting out of her half shoe, Amirah knows she isn't in Kansas anymore. The Doctor explains its all about over stimulation of the the nerves to trick them into relieving the pain. All Amirah knows is her vulnerable sole and toes are being handled and slow tickled and the sensation is driving her crazy while taking her mind off the pain. The problem is she is very ticklish and keeps squirming around. So the Doctor enlists the aid of 3 nurses to hold her leg in place. When the tickling gets too much for Amirah the doctor alternates by sucking her toes to relieve them! Amirah is shocked by this treatment. Did we say shocked?

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Just imagine you're here with me, looking a lot into your eyes and slowly sliding your cock inside, playing with my big natural breasts and making your cock so hard for me. Feel your hands running all over my fat body, rubbing my soft skin, feeling how flawless it is.. I lay back and spread my legs, this pussy is driving you crazy, and you know how really wet it can get here.. making me squirt again and again.

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