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Full Version: ionieluvcoxx performing tonight
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Hey guys just letting you know that i will be doing my first live performance tonight

Don,t miss me in action 9pm
Awesome, what kind of thing can we expect Ionie?
can you get this for free
Not the proper show, no. I think its around £5.99 for one night.
Blink and you missed her!!
has she anything new i hav to c this woman gettin fucked or sometin
disappointed that it finishes so early thes days...
has anyone got any pics from this show? i have to see ionie get nailed!
Theres pics on the website but none of ionie
She didn't do anything that night apart from introduce the performers in.....firstly, a schoolgirls outfit and then secondly, a dominatrix outfit. I think she was home and tucked up in bed with a cup of cocoa by midnight.

But the action that night was pretty hot. Big Grin
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