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Full Version: ionieluvcoxx performing tonight
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(25-08-2009 23:22 )T-850 Wrote: [ -> ]She didn't do anything that night apart from introduce the performers in.....firstly, a schoolgirls outfit and then secondly, a dominatrix outfit. I think she was home and tucked up in bed with a cup of cocoa by midnight.

But the action that night was pretty hot. Big Grin
She was last friday 21/8 program finished early too.
but i think she was busy sorting out channel 960 and as she's an absolute godess she will always be forgiven
Yeah she is gorgeous
(26-08-2009 03:53 )posty Wrote: [ -> ]she's an absolute godess

True that. She's fit as fuck.

Although the next time she says "she's performing" i'd like it to be proper "fucking performing", if ya know what i mean Wink.... rather than guest hosting.

By the way she looks real good on tv right now in her little black panties. Big Grin
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