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Pic Posting
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Pic Posting
This is an edited version of something that has existed since 2011, this isn't anything new, it's a reminder.

Although posting duplicate images can happen, continually posting duplicates can become a problem, it doesn't take long to check a thread to see what's in it, so if you don't, your post(s) may be removed. If you spam a section and ignore warnings to stop posting duplicates or content we don't allow, you risk being warned and possibly banned.

Also make sure the images you post are of babe channel girls/models and are of people over the age of 18, we're an adult forum, so underage pics are not allowed, that means if somebody is with a kid (or kids are in the foreground and clearly visible), or non model friends, family, partners etc appear, you can't post those images, if you do, they will be removed.

Please don't post Playboy images that anyone may have done, we do not allow Playboy images to be posted or linked to. Don't post members content or webcam content from anywhere, or link to it, do not crop images to remove where it is from, if it isn't allowed, don't try and post it. Further information about forum rules to do with pic posting is in our Misuse of reps & Pic posting thread.

Now on to some useful info and sites.

Please avoid making multiple full size image posts, they slow down page loading.
Thumbnails or resized images (resized so that less scrolling is needed) are preferred. Posts may be edited if multiple full size images or images that don't fit within the forum page are posted. Also, if possible, download the images to your computer and then upload them to the forum via a host,

Gif making

I've used this for resizing

Further advice can be found in our Tech Zone.

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