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ShebangTV R.I.P.

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Shalashaska Offline
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RE: ShebangTV R.I.P.
(19-05-2015 10:40 )Count Spankula Wrote:  Well if Shebang has gone it should be said that it certainly had its highlights and should be remembered and praised for the good shows it produced, but on the other hand it seemed to have been going downhill for sometime so I can't say I'm surprised by its apparent demise.

The jemma Jay shows and anastasia stevens pushing giant dildos up her ass... Was so worth it!

No regrets buying those ones.
19-05-2015 21:48
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MeTarzan Offline
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RE: ShebangTV R.I.P.
Will you still be able to buy the previous show videos?

Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand.
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...Homer J. Simpson
20-05-2015 07:39
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jocky.wilson Offline
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RE: ShebangTV R.I.P.
Before they closed they d deleted most of the good ones off all models you'd have thought they could have sold some off but clearly just ran off as Penny Lee was one of last performers and tweeted them begging for payment so yet another performer not paid, wonder what Amanda Rendell thinks she set it up, a sad end to what had been a great channel
20-05-2015 22:33
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Rogergilford54 Offline
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RE: ShebangTV R.I.P.
They were quite happy to take your money but when things started going downhill (when the 'home' shows started in my opinion) They probably lost members so it became inevitable, but should have explained what was going on but they were never very good at that.
21-05-2015 15:53
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mysterion Offline
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RE: ShebangTV R.I.P.
(20-05-2015 22:33 )jocky.wilson Wrote:  Before they closed they d deleted most of the good ones off all models you'd have thought they could have sold some off

How ridiculous. They had some great content, whatever their failings. It seems like another company let down by bad organisation.
27-05-2015 12:32
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Maggot Offline
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RE: ShebangTV R.I.P.
I did notice like half of the clips I bought disappearing over the past few months, I just guessed it was due to the porn rules changing. Last year didn't they ban UK porn sites showing pissing, squirting and aggressive stuff like that?

That's like 90% of Amanda Rendall's act made illegal!

Maybe they were killed by regulations.
(This post was last modified: 28-05-2015 22:08 by Maggot.)
28-05-2015 22:07
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woolleysheep Offline
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RE: ShebangTV R.I.P.
(28-05-2015 22:07 )Maggot Wrote:  I just guessed it was due to the porn rules changing.

You probably hit the nail on the head there. That would certainly explain why they deleted some videos but left others.
29-05-2015 03:49
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mr mystery Away
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RE: ShebangTV R.I.P.
Shebang TV were found in beach by ATVOD last November for breaking various rules, and were referred to Ofcom for consideration of sanctions, can't remember what sanctions Ofcom imposed on them (if any) info here

Also the company behind SheBang TV "Digital One Media Limited* was issued a winding up order, press the red tab were it says company status in this link,

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29-05-2015 23:23
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ShandyHand Offline
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RE: ShebangTV R.I.P.

The idea that the babeshows "are not that deep" is driven by those that don't wish to acknowledge how much effective customer service and a consideration of psychology impacts users' future interactions.
30-05-2015 02:28
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eccles Offline
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RE: ShebangTV R.I.P.
(30-05-2015 02:28 )ShandyHand Wrote:

The winding up order was raised by HM Customs and Revenue. Any guesses as to who they were collecting on behalf of?

Thanks to ShandyHand for the link.

Quote:In the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division)

Companies CourtNo 1993 of 2015


(Company Number 07146676)

and in the Matter of the Insolvency Act 1986

A Petition to wind up the above-named Company, Registration Number 07146676, of 29 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7TE, presented on 16 March 2015 by the COMMISSIONERS FOR HM REVENUE AND CUSTOMS, of Bush House, Strand, London, WC2B 4RD, claiming to be Creditors of the Company, will be heard at the Royal Courts of Justice, 7 Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1NL, on 11 May 2015, at 1030 hours (or as soon thereafter as the Petition can be heard).

Gone fishing
31-05-2015 02:30
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