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Holly Mcguire
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scoopz Offline
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RE: Holly Mcguire
Lovin the 'Oh dear I've dropped my pen,I better bend down and pick it up' trickTongue
For one caller she stayed bent over,ass in the camera for about 5minsBig Grin
Holly in The Office is raunchier than the night showSmile

I don't know what's better, gettin laid or gettin paid
I just know when I'm gettin one, the other's gettin away!
16-02-2010 16:42
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Chilly Away
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RE: Holly Mcguire
She certainly likes to bend over and flash those knickers. Pretty sure she likes Facebook too. Big Grin
16-02-2010 16:54
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Robot Devil Offline
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RE: Holly Mcguire
fellas, don't think me greedy (though i am), but i am inclined to ask, will anybody be putting up any vids of holly ? only, as far i as i can see so far there has only been one (mighty fine) brief vid uploaded since she started on angels; and obviously those of us unable to view would be eternally grateful if one of you kind souls could give us a vid or two. or 87. i know its a lot of work doing them but as i said it would be greatly appreciated.

16-02-2010 18:43
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StanTheMan Offline

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RE: Holly Mcguire
The dayshows from this Amanda Holden lookalike are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of rudeness.

Enjoy it while it lasts, fellas, because I can't imagine it'll be for long bladewave
(This post was last modified: 18-02-2010 00:10 by StanTheMan.)
18-02-2010 00:08
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dondoe Offline

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RE: Holly Mcguire
Have to agree with StanTheMan...Holly's performance is a cut above the rest of the daygirls

18-02-2010 14:44
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"mini see through thong"

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RE: Holly Mcguire
Unfortunately Stan is right, but i am loving every min she is on. She really likes to flash those pantys, more pleaseTongueTongueTongueTongue
18-02-2010 14:52
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tapit54 Offline
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RE: Holly Mcguire
Let's hope with the unfortunate demise of Angels TV Sad that we haven't seen the last of the vivacious Holly on her screens. During her all to short return to tv, she had made the "sexy secretary" show her own.
If ATV doesn't return, then the other channels should make enquiries about getting her, as she is a top daytime tease.
23-02-2010 00:00
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