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Donna Duke Full Nudity - Babecast - sculture73 - 21-04-2009 22:41

Donna Duke full nude and doing what she does best by not allowing you to see what you want to see, even though showing us what we want to see would be great, you see!?


Deleting all porn off my hard drive and I've got a bunch of clips and movies ranging from recorded shows to dildo force. I'm gonna try upload all of them or as much as I can over the next month (bare with me), so that at least I can share them before they are gone (for good). My rapidshare account is always active so they won't suddenly disappear.

Also since SexySat-TV is now deceased (or so I thought, thanks skateguy, G@z) and I was fan of them I thought it would be a good idea to share the stuff I got from there and keep the legend alive lol. None of this stuff is my own and I take no credit for it at all over than re-up'n it. If you are the original creator of the content and happen to land on my thread, feel free to say and I will happily quote you and any links you wish in my post, or if requested completely remove them. Hopefully I don't disrespect anyone.

Also I don't know the names of all the girls as times made me forget. So if you know the names of the ones I couldn't name, let me know and i'll edit my thread title.

P.S. If I share something that's already on the site and was originally from here apologies, it's all in the same folder and I can't tell what's what. Again just let me know and I can amend or take down.