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2-4-1 on Babestation : Caps & Videos - Nigma - 11-07-2009 16:35

As the Amish man said to his bride on their wedding night: "I'm not sure where to put this, so I'm going to try sticking it here"

Mods, feel free to kill/move/merge it if it shouldn't be here or there's a more appropriate thread.

Anyway, there is no concievable way I can do justice to the 2-4-1 Caty and Karina put on last night. Yes, I've probably gone overboard with the caps, but those girls were feckin' amazing last night.

Full on kissing, stroking, groping, sucking, licking and even a little scissoring, and all of it looked like they were actually into each other and enjoying themselves. I thought Caty and Reede was good, but Karina and Caty was simply fantastic.


[Image: th_25831_catKar48_123_458lo.jpg] [Image: th_25705_catKar49_123_236lo.jpg] [Image: th_25724_catKar07_123_79lo.jpg] [Image: th_25731_catKar08_123_338lo.jpg] [Image: th_25732_catKar09_123_389lo.jpg]
[Image: th_25739_catKar11_123_514lo.jpg] [Image: th_25746_catKar15_123_377lo.jpg] [Image: th_25753_catKar16_123_150lo.jpg] [Image: th_25763_catKar17_123_504lo.jpg] [Image: th_25765_catKar21_123_504lo.jpg]
[Image: th_25766_catKar23_123_523lo.jpg] [Image: th_25779_catKar25_123_424lo.jpg] [Image: th_25785_catKar26_123_592lo.jpg] [Image: th_25786_catKar28_123_988lo.jpg] [Image: th_25791_catKar30_123_873lo.jpg]
[Image: th_25797_catKar31_123_100lo.jpg] [Image: th_25803_catKar32_123_1200lo.jpg] [Image: th_25810_catKar35_123_453lo.jpg] [Image: th_25817_catKar36_123_429lo.jpg] [Image: th_25820_catKar38_123_17lo.jpg]
[Image: th_25822_catKar39_123_500lo.jpg] [Image: th_25824_catKar41_123_338lo.jpg] [Image: th_25826_catKar44_123_213lo.jpg] [Image: th_25827_catKar45_123_528lo.jpg] [Image: th_25829_catKar47_123_355lo.jpg]

[DOWNLOAD - 76.4MB - 9:18 - Mediafire]


Seriously. Holy crap shocked

RE: Caty & Karina 2-4-1 awesomeness - Nigma - 14-07-2009 01:03

I'm going to nickname Caty Cole "Catalyst Caty" because she gets the best reaction from the girls she's paired with.

Taken from the previous night on Partyland (pre-freeview hours), Reede and Caty returned and got hotter again, since their last 2-4-1 together. Caty in particular is really going for it and literally latches onto Reede's breast like a hungry bairn. Reede follows suit, and they add in some open mouth kissing, grinding and things just picked up from there Big Grin

Fantastic show from Reede and Caty. Loved it.

Also, props to the cameraman. Thanks to the ridiculously large graphics he really only has half a screen to work with, but he does well and keeps most of the action in shot.


[Image: th_28871_ReedCat00_123_126lo.jpg] [Image: th_28874_ReedCat01_123_510lo.jpg] [Image: th_30275_ReedCat02_123_96lo.jpg] [Image: th_28880_ReedCat03_123_229lo.jpg] [Image: th_28881_ReedCat05_123_162lo.jpg]
[Image: th_28883_ReedCat08_123_353lo.jpg] [Image: th_28884_ReedCat09_123_28lo.jpg] [Image: th_28889_ReedCat11_123_28lo.jpg] [Image: th_28894_ReedCat12_123_50lo.jpg] [Image: th_28899_ReedCat13_123_200lo.jpg]
[Image: th_28900_ReedCat14_123_476lo.jpg] [Image: th_28901_ReedCat17_123_199lo.jpg] [Image: th_28902_ReedCat19_123_23lo.jpg] [Image: th_28903_ReedCat20_123_105lo.jpg] [Image: th_28866_ReedCat22_123_225lo.jpg]

[DOWNLOAD - 96.19MB - 07:45 - Mediafire]


[Image: th_29555_CatReed01_123_460lo.jpg] [Image: th_29558_CatReed03_123_104lo.jpg] [Image: th_29559_CatReed04_123_348lo.jpg] [Image: th_29562_CatReed05_123_373lo.jpg] [Image: th_29564_CatReed06_123_499lo.jpg]
[Image: th_29570_CatReed07_123_249lo.jpg] [Image: th_29571_CatReed08_123_536lo.jpg] [Image: th_29572_CatReed09_123_564lo.jpg] [Image: th_29577_CatReed12_123_99lo.jpg] [Image: th_29580_CatReed13_123_343lo.jpg]
[Image: th_29581_CatReed15_123_220lo.jpg] [Image: th_29583_CatReed17_123_352lo.jpg] [Image: th_29584_CatReed19_123_477lo.jpg] [Image: th_29585_CatReed20_123_179lo.jpg] [Image: th_29554_CatReed22_123_6lo.jpg]

[DOWNLOAD - 54.65MB - 05:05 - Mediafire]


RE: 2-4-1 awesomeness - Nigma - 18-07-2009 14:18

Caty and Karina were back on together last night and they were as good as ever. They really do seem to get along well and have a lot of fun together, plus there's always plenty of genuine laughs had between them.

It must be said though, Karina was particularily good last night, a lot of fun and really seemed into it. I'd be daft to hazard a guess as to what she was doing but there were a few moments (like when Caty was on top) that Karina seemed to, shall we say, push Caty's button.. whatever it was, she certainly got a reaction Tongue

Also: Woohoo! the PL crew seem to be listening. The on-screen graphics were cut right down and took up far less screen space. Bravo, nice work, guys.


[Image: th_22424_CatKar01_123_88lo.jpg] [Image: th_22429_CatKar04_123_398lo.jpg] [Image: th_22430_CatKar05_123_888lo.jpg] [Image: th_22435_CatKar06_123_4lo.jpg] [Image: th_22436_CatKar07_123_547lo.jpg]
[Image: th_22437_CatKar08_123_408lo.jpg] [Image: th_22441_CatKar11_123_685lo.jpg] [Image: th_22447_CatKar13_123_574lo.jpg] [Image: th_22452_CatKar14_123_430lo.jpg] [Image: th_22454_CatKar15_123_499lo.jpg]
[Image: th_22458_CatKar16_123_827lo.jpg] [Image: th_22464_CatKar17_123_207lo.jpg] [Image: th_22469_CatKar18_123_377lo.jpg] [Image: th_22474_CatKar19_123_454lo.jpg] [Image: th_22422_CatKar20_123_206lo.jpg]

[DOWNLOAD - 79.37MB - 08:20 - Mediafire]


RE: 2-4-1 awesomeness - Phoenix - 18-08-2009 01:37

[Image: 1f7c5245789071.gif] [Image: 0903b545789072.gif] [Image: 321c8845789073.gif] [Image: 8a692b45789074.gif] [Image: 983d7c45789075.gif] [Image: b6544545789076.gif]

Caty and Reede 2-4-1
21 mins
Recorded off stream
No sound

RE: 2-4-1 awesomeness - Sooky™ - 24-08-2009 12:27

Oops....only just noticed this thread

Link to short vid of caty and tiffany 2-4-1

I'll try and remember to post any other 2-4-1 vids/caps in this fine thread from now on Smile

RE: 2-4-1 awesomeness - Nigma - 30-08-2009 16:47

Caty and Daryl - Great show, but I was busy, so it's a tad late..

[Image: f8832747201877.gif] [Image: 3ee2e647201880.gif] [Image: 5dd41447201881.gif] [Image: 21058f47201882.gif] [Image: da778f47201884.gif]
[Image: 91984e47201885.gif] [Image: df9a1147201886.gif] [Image: aad74547201887.gif] [Image: 27404947201888.gif] [Image: f0d55c47201890.gif]
[Image: db09e747201891.gif] [Image: b03ee747201892.gif] [Image: 15db2247201894.gif] [Image: 7246c847201895.gif] [Image: e2f91947201896.gif]

[DOWNLOAD - 57.7MB - 05:05 - Mediafire]


[Image: 6713d347202141.gif] [Image: b6036d47202143.gif] [Image: d52fd747202144.gif] [Image: 49b26547202146.gif] [Image: 4c742d47202147.gif]
[Image: 1fd7ef47202149.gif] [Image: b6287c47202150.gif] [Image: 6b661d47202152.gif] [Image: bd062747202153.gif] [Image: e8f4cc47202155.gif]
[Image: 38ccef47202156.gif] [Image: 1227db47202158.gif] [Image: 010b3f47202160.gif] [Image: 0534f247202161.gif] [Image: c723df47202164.gif]

[DOWNLOAD - 72.4MB - 06:30 - Mediafire]

RE: 2-4-1 awesomeness - Sooky™ - 31-08-2009 02:57

A quick upload of the Caty Cole and Camilla 2-4-1 from earlier tonight

RE: 2-4-1 awesomeness - Nigma - 02-09-2009 14:11

So Kelly was on Partyland last night along with probably the two best 2-4-1 girls the cellcast channels have, Caty and Karina.. so we were in with a good chance of getting something good. Credit to whoever made the choice, but they paired her up with Karina and it worked out very well. Karina was fantastic in taking the lead and we got a very nice slow, sensual show. Nothing too heavy, but some nice teasing, stroking, and nipple play. IMO a very good pairing for Kelly and she did, and looked, great.


[Image: 25140c47529831.gif] [Image: 400e5e47529835.gif] [Image: 5e501e47529836.gif] [Image: 82e4e047529837.gif] [Image: d1a82947529838.gif]
[Image: 657a5f47529840.gif] [Image: aaf9f747529841.gif] [Image: e7d43847529842.gif] [Image: a699ea47529843.gif] [Image: e3671847529845.gif]
[Image: 5879ff47529846.gif] [Image: 950e2947529848.gif] [Image: 13fe6647529849.gif] [Image: a2cbe347529851.gif] [Image: ab6ee847529852.gif]

[DOWNLOAD - 98.3MB - 12:05 - Mediafire]

RE: 2-4-1 awesomeness - Josh - 04-10-2009 02:04

Caty Cole & Reede Fox - Babestation - 12.09.09

The hottest pairing of Cellcast babes. If only the other girls would offer similar performances. This was recorded from the freeview section and contains Kissing, nipple licking/sucking and even pussy rubbing by both girls at the end of the vid. Yes you read right, shocking and seconds later, Reede was pulled from screen. Hang your head in shame mr producer of the night. Way too many rules on Cellcast channels. Its the biggest factor lacking on the cellcast channels is the lack of girl on girl interaction.

[Image: snapshot2_18.jpg]

[Image: snapshot1_20_thumb.jpg] [Image: snapshot3_18_thumb.jpg] [Image: snapshot4_13_thumb.jpg]

[Image: snapshot5_13.jpg]

[Image: snapshot6_12_thumb.jpg] [Image: snapshot7_8_thumb.jpg] [Image: snapshot8_9_thumb.jpg]

[Image: snapshot9_8.jpg]

[Image: snapshot10_7_thumb.jpg] [Image: snapshot11_6_thumb.jpg] [Image: snapshot12_5_thumb.jpg]

[Image: snapshot13_5.jpg]

[Image: snapshot14_3_thumb.jpg] [Image: snapshot15_3_thumb.jpg] [Image: snapshot16_3_thumb.jpg]

[Image: snapshot19_2.jpg]

[Image: snapshot17_3_thumb.jpg] [Image: snapshot18_3_thumb.jpg] [Image: snapshot20_2_thumb.jpg]

[Image: snapshot21_2.jpg]

[Image: snapshot22_2.jpg]

[Image: snapshot23_2.jpg]

[Image: caty_reede1_12.09.09.wmv.jpg]
Free Adult Image Host -

Download Link

RE: 2-4-1 on Babestation channels - TheWatcher - 09-10-2009 18:13

This was Alex Adams and Charlie together on BS2 last night.
They have a good boob "fight" in the middle of the clip. 2 pairs of evenly matched boobs. Smile
Its only a 32MB .mp4 file, plays for 4½ minutes with VLC player.
Some screenshots from the clip are below

[Image: 2009-10-09-173908.jpg]

[Image: 2009-10-09-173635_thumb.jpg] [Image: 2009-10-09-174225_thumb.jpg]