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Leilani gives Morgana a drugged drink. When Morgana is out Leilani pulls down her top and plays and sucks on Morganas breasts. Leilani then enjoys rubbing Morganas pussy.

The next day Morgana heads off to bed. Leilani creeps in and chloroforms Morgana. She plays and sucks on Morganas breasts. Leilani chloroforms Morgana a couple of times in the bed.

The last scene Morgana confronts Leilani on the sofa and explains how she is being subdued by Leilani. As Morgana is explaining how she gets chloroformed Leilani is chloroforming her. This scene is quite hot. Once Morgana is out Leilani enjoys her body and breasts. After Leilani is finished with Morgana she chloroforms her and leaves.
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Sonia has been hacked and locked out of her account. She is blackmailed and has to follow the hackers instructions to get her account back.

Her first instruction is to drink what is delivered to her. This knocks her out. When she wakes up she is tied up.

The next instruction she is told to go to bed, but leave her door unlocked. She goes to sleep but when she wakes up her clothes have been pulled down and she has a chloro cloth tied over her mouth. She tries to fight the chloroform but she cannot.

The last instruction she needs to go to bed completely naked and leave her door unlocked again. She wakes up again butterfly tied. He feet are bound and her hands are tied behind her back. She has a chloroform cloth tied over her mouth. She tries to get free but the chloroform
is too much for her.

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Morgana and Velvet chloroform each other.

First scene, Morgana comes up behind Velvet and clasps her hand around her neck. She chloroforms her until she is sleepy. Morgana lifts up Velvets top and fondles her breasts and sucks and licks them.

Next scene, Velvet captures Morgana and chloroforms her. She fondles her after she becomes limp and fondles and licks her breasts.

Next scene, Velvet tries to capture Morgana but Morgana gets her hands down Velvets pants and rubs her pussy making Velvet defenseless. Velvet is made to stick out her tongue while Morgana rubs her pussy and sucks on her breasts. Morgana then chloroforms Velvet while rubbing her pussy.

Next scene, Velvet makes another attempt at chloroforming Morgana. Morgana gets her hand down Velvets pants again and starts to rub Velvets pussy but Velvet keeps the chloroform cloth over Morganas mouth and Morgana slowly goes out while trying to keep rubbing Velvets pussy.

The last scene, Morgana is tied up on the sofa. Velvet comes in and sits on her. Velvet chloroforms her until she is dizzy and then makes Morgana suck on her breasts.
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