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Full Version: G/G with TV babes
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Hey guys,

Not been on Babestation TV in a while, loved my time on there but I decided that I wanted to focus more on webcam and producing my own content.

As well as solo videos, I'm now doing G/G content and custom videos with a load of my model friends on a regular basis Wink I've got some major hotties lined up to film with in the next few weeks.

I am well equipped with my own studio and offer 4K videos with multiple camera angles so you get the best quality vids to enjoy watching again and again!!

I'm on manyvids, if you want to check out some of my clips and can drop me a private message if you want anymore info about custom videos either solo or g/g.

Twitter: @RoxyCoxModel

Instagram: @roxycoxmodel
The models I am filming with in February are Zara Lei and Elizzabeth James - both absolute stunners from the babe channels, plus Kelly Ryder who is a friend and also has a body to die for Wink

Get in touch if you'd like something with either (or all) of these hotties and me.

[Image: DxDCSiwW0AEh_2F.jpg]

[Image: DxDCUXnWsAEKD9X.jpg]
Don't normally post on here but I've been a fan and customer of Roxy's for a long time (Pre-Babestation) and can verify that the quality of her videos is INCREDIBLE.

Also a very nice person - honest and helpful in all her dealings with me. You won't regret ordering from her.

Best of luck (not that you need it) with the G/G content Roxy! Can't wait to see which other girls you're working with!
Aww bless and thank you Smile

Loved all the solo customs I made for you and so excited now to be making even more g/g content!

Take care sweetie and will catch up soon xx
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