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Full Version: Jade - Hot and Wet
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New girl Jade from Sunday morning, 2018-02-18. She's got a bit of a tummy on her, which is a turn on for me. Although she's been scheduled, I haven't managed to catch her since. I hope she sticks around.

[Image: image-122A_5A8C8585.jpg]
[Image: image-F62B_5A8C8585.jpg]
[Image: image-5113_5A8C8585.jpg]
[Image: image-0AB8_5A8C84F0.jpg]
[Image: image-5B7B_5A8C84F0.jpg]
[Image: image-3E5D_5A8C84F0.jpg]
[Image: image-EDFE_5A8C84F0.jpg]
[Image: image-08BB_5A8C84F0.jpg]
[Image: image-D68A_5A8C84F0.jpg]
[Image: image-4D41_5A8C84F0.jpg]
[Image: image-C65C_5A8C84F0.jpg]
[Image: image-6743_5A8C8434.jpg]
[Image: image-65AB_5A8C8434.jpg]
[Image: image-9E11_5A8C8434.jpg]
[Image: image-6137_5A8C8434.jpg]
[Image: image-282E_5A8C8434.jpg]
[Image: image-955A_5A8C8434.jpg]
[Image: image-A6D5_5A8C8434.jpg]
[Image: image-3039_5A8C8434.jpg]

Jade 2017-04-24.

[Image: image-A596_5A931314.jpg]
[Image: image-6C71_5A931314.jpg]
[Image: image-1654_5A9312EF.jpg]
[Image: image-2947_5A9312EF.jpg]
[Image: image-5025_5A9312EF.jpg]
[Image: image-3BDD_5A9312EF.jpg]
[Image: image-87C0_5A9312EF.jpg]
[Image: image-D172_5A9312EF.jpg]
[Image: image-E179_5A9312EF.jpg]
[Image: image-3AE1_5A9312EF.jpg]
[Image: image-0413_5A9312B3.jpg]
[Image: image-71A0_5A9312B3.jpg]
[Image: image-D11C_5A9312B3.jpg]
[Image: image-224C_5A9312B3.jpg]
[Image: image-A60B_5A9312B3.jpg]
[Image: image-40A9_5A9312B3.jpg]
[Image: image-9985_5A9312B3.jpg]
[Image: image-E893_5A9312B3.jpg]

Jade earlier today. Unfortunately I wasn't able to record any of her show.

[Image: image-6338_5A9832E9.jpg]
[Image: image-5F43_5A9832E9.jpg]
[Image: image-B313_5A983231.jpg]
[Image: image-CED4_5A983231.jpg]
[Image: image-283A_5A983231.jpg]
[Image: image-C5E2_5A983231.jpg]
[Image: image-DB63_5A983231.jpg]
[Image: image-491D_5A983231.jpg]
[Image: image-E919_5A983231.jpg]
[Image: image-B01A_5A983231.jpg]
Jade yesterday. Unfortunately the first snippet I recorded where she was using the dildo couldn't be uploaded.

[Image: image-502A_5A9A5E69.jpg]
[Image: image-E253_5A9A5E69.jpg]
[Image: image-DD50_5A9A5E69.jpg]
[Image: image-7B90_5A9A5E69.jpg]
[Image: image-68D0_5A9A5E69.jpg]
[Image: image-F013_5A9A5E69.jpg]
[Image: image-71BD_5A9A5E37.jpg]
[Image: image-D8DE_5A9A5E37.jpg]
[Image: image-4F4A_5A9A5E37.jpg]
[Image: image-2507_5A9A5E37.jpg]
[Image: image-65FD_5A9A5E37.jpg]
[Image: image-AB05_5A9A5E37.jpg]
[Image: image-D2D6_5A9A5E37.jpg]
[Image: image-DB6A_5A9A5E37.jpg]

Managed to upload the first video to the google drive.
Jade last night. Love the ankle boots. Unfortunately my video editor screwed it up. Don't know why. It plays fine in vlc player but not otherwise. SadSad

[Image: image-5E56_5A9C009B.jpg]
[Image: image-87E5_5A9C009B.jpg]
[Image: image-3281_5A9C009B.jpg]
[Image: image-9DBC_5A9C009B.jpg]
[Image: image-9764_5A9C009B.jpg]
[Image: image-06CD_5A9C009B.jpg]
[Image: image-6A9D_5A9C009B.jpg]
[Image: image-4298_5A9C0070.jpg]
[Image: image-69E1_5A9C0070.jpg]
[Image: image-2F7F_5A9C0070.jpg]
[Image: image-B8F6_5A9C0070.jpg]
[Image: image-FCB9_5A9C0070.jpg]
[Image: image-BF9A_5A9C0070.jpg]
[Image: image-BEA4_5A9C0070.jpg]
[Image: image-210C_5A9C0070.jpg]

Here is the second part of the vid which failed to upload properly earlier. It's the raw vlc output file which I've uploaded to google. It should run fine using vlc player.
Best show yet from Jade today. Shame I couldn't record or cap any of it. At one stage she was four fingers deep and really going for it. She was insatiable. Even when she didn't have a call she was grinding away with her fingers up her pussy just off camera.
Jade 2018-04-14.

[Image: image-BAD0_5AD98595.jpg]
[Image: image-CC04_5AD98595.jpg]
[Image: image-26DE_5AD98595.jpg]
[Image: image-BE02_5AD98595.jpg]
[Image: image-64B1_5AD9855C.jpg]
[Image: image-7519_5AD9855C.jpg]
[Image: image-20A2_5AD9855C.jpg]
[Image: image-A121_5AD9855C.jpg]
[Image: image-7338_5AD9855C.jpg]
[Image: image-A5D4_5AD9855C.jpg]
[Image: image-B4BA_5AD9855C.jpg]
[Image: image-7C4C_5AD9855C.jpg]
[Image: image-E7DD_5AD98523.jpg]
[Image: image-A99B_5AD98523.jpg]
[Image: image-D4D3_5AD98523.jpg]
[Image: image-78B7_5AD98523.jpg]
[Image: image-56C1_5AD98523.jpg]
[Image: image-9082_5AD98523.jpg]
[Image: image-EF00_5AD98523.jpg]
[Image: image-2F08_5AD98523.jpg]

Jade 2018-04-15.

[Image: image-168B_5AE0ED3C.jpg]
[Image: image-0D7E_5AE0ED3C.jpg]
[Image: image-882E_5AE0ED3C.jpg]
[Image: image-BF92_5AE0ED3C.jpg]
[Image: image-5741_5AE0ED1E.jpg]
[Image: image-773F_5AE0ED1E.jpg]
[Image: image-6BEC_5AE0ED1E.jpg]
[Image: image-916C_5AE0ED1E.jpg]
[Image: image-346A_5AE0ED1E.jpg]
[Image: image-AABF_5AE0ED1E.jpg]
[Image: image-A7CC_5AE0ED1E.jpg]
[Image: image-D707_5AE0ED1E.jpg]
[Image: image-8913_5AE0ECEF.jpg]
[Image: image-3D30_5AE0ECEF.jpg]
[Image: image-E9A4_5AE0ECEF.jpg]
[Image: image-F8AD_5AE0ECEF.jpg]
[Image: image-EA15_5AE0ECEF.jpg]
[Image: image-DE76_5AE0ECEF.jpg]
[Image: image-639C_5AE0ECEF.jpg]
[Image: image-CD02_5AE0ECEF.jpg]

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