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Full Version: SexStation Unleashed
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We have the sexy cop Elicia Solis on Sexstation Unleashed this wednesday. Lucky Dean Van Damme is the man to give her a good shafting. Tune in for 10pm or get Elicia to your self on the phones before the sex.

We have plenty of surprises coming up on Unleashed so make sure you keep tabs on us.

Sexstation Producer
If you ever get Bonnie Lee on here I would pay silly money to see her get a good pumping Tongue Wink.
Gotta love Jess Lloyd
We are looking for new talent to bring back sex station style shows on our cams platform. Over the coming weeks you should see some familiar faces and some new ones. Lots of Girls with toys and some hot girl/girl action!
If you've done cam work before or fancy trying it for the first time and want to be part of our studio with great earning potential, please PM us and we will get in touch!

We provide full training, latest technology and dedicated rooms.

Look forward to hearing from you !
Will you give it more than the 6 weeks you gave the previous channel and girls , just as the shows we're getting going a few months back you pull the plug

If it's just another pervcam driven show I doubt it will get much support , the tip based shows bs are running overnight seen to be successful, the viewer (yes we still exist believe it or not ) get a naughtier show that is pervcam addicted and the channel still makes call money and tip money.

If it's on web people want naughty not cropped above waist shite like you offer usually , you can go onto hundreds of webcam sites and see much more explicit than you show , for much less . You need to listen to what people want instead of takin the easy fast buck (pervcam) that has ruined your viewing audience as they get NOTHING from your shows even if they call and call
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