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Full Version: Who Do You Want To See On Shebang?
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Please post names of girls or guys you want to see grace the shebang pink bed of filth - we will always try to deliver

Thank you and stay tuned
Kandi Kay, savannah mai, or nicolle knight?!?! Wink

Charlie C

Lolly Badcock

Mica Martinez
Camilla, Camilla and Camilla
Tiffany Chambers
Lacey Lorenzo
Camilla Jayne
Georgina Darby
Lily Roma
Ani James
Dannii Hardwood
Lori Buckby
I'm going with long shots here. I know many probably won't do it but that's the point of the thread right, who you want to see.
Mariam (Masti)
Rochelle (Savannah)
Fernanda Ferrari
and while Im dreaming Halle BerryWink
Might be a crazy choice but i would love to see Lolly Badcock come out of retirement to take on the gladiator!

Oh and of course Camilla!
Lolly badcock
Lori Buckby

Also maybe try getting back:
Rio Lee
Reede Fox
Emily B
Bonnie Lee and Morgan P

Rachel Taylor( in my dreams )
Louise Porter
Dionne Daniels
Lori Buckby
Fernanda Ferrari
Jennifer Jade
and if miracles happen Kate Darcy.
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