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Full Version: Victoria De Mare : Chat Cafe
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does anyone have any pics or vids of her on this show?
I know if you google her name you find a few different pics. She has done a few "B" Movies, so theres more pics than you'd think, but I've not seen many from her shows
There are some pics in this THREAD, but not from the shows.
sigh...was hoping for some from the shows...remember she use to be a regular on the chat cafe...was my fav daytime show....anyone know when it closed down?
[Image: victoria-demare.jpg]
[Image: Victoria-De-Mare-314755-986.jpg]

nobody has any pics or vids of the chat cafe? Sad
There you go
[Image: victoria_1_5_thumb.jpg] [Image: victoria_2_5_thumb.jpg] [Image: victoria_3_5_thumb.jpg] [Image: victoria_4_5_thumb.jpg]
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