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Full Version: Hotel Voyeur Dayshift- Cancelled??
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Had a look around on here, but can't find anything about this, have they cancelled it ? as I haven't seen it on for about a week at least, used to love watching Rosie Tongue, Alexa was good too. Anyone know??
I understand that Hotel Voyeur's owners are having financial problems so they dropped the daytime show which I understand was being a drain on their resources to concentrate on their core night-time show.

Bambi(The Chat) was looking at one of the girls from HV daytime for her show so you never know you might see one of the two girls you mentioned on The Chat soon!!
Theres not been a show on for days
Had a feeling they had cancelled it. Bambi is good at spotting suitable girls for The Chat, the current presenters there are so varied with plenty of choice for different tastes, would be nice to see either Rosie or Alexa on there, they were best 2 girls on voyeur dayshift.
Was Rosie the slightly mental one who used to go off on one and then when she had nothing to say would make strange noises or sing to herself?
I was approached by hotel voyer to be on it, about a yearish ago.
I wouldn't say Rosie was mental, just bonkers lol, she is gorgeous though. I could just imagine her doing a show with Bambi, it'd be mayhem.
I mean mental in a good way, like a female Timmy Mallet, Smile haha
It was back on today although slightly different
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