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Introducing the lovely feet of Ella Jolie
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Introducing the lovely feet of Ella Jolie
Heres some caps and a clip of Ella Jolie from Partyland.
I love this girl so much.

Clip - 145.97MB - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GIK6C7MG

Caps -

[Image: th_68240_ella_pl29_123_811lo.JPG][Image: th_68248_ella_pl1_123_457lo.JPG][Image: th_68249_ella_pl2_123_117lo.JPG][Image: th_68250_ella_pl3_123_1101lo.JPG]
[Image: th_68258_ella_pl4_123_85lo.JPG][Image: th_68270_ella_pl5_123_228lo.JPG][Image: th_68277_ella_pl6_123_933lo.JPG]
[Image: th_68281_ella_pl7_123_80lo.JPG][Image: th_68283_ella_pl8_123_72lo.JPG][Image: th_68284_ella_pl9_123_39lo.JPG]
[Image: th_68284_ella_pl10_123_132lo.JPG][Image: th_68286_ella_pl11_123_156lo.JPG][Image: th_68286_ella_pl12_123_357lo.JPG]
[Image: th_68287_ella_pl13_123_828lo.JPG][Image: th_68292_ella_pl14_123_411lo.JPG][Image: th_68294_ella_pl15_123_875lo.JPG]
[Image: th_68294_ella_pl16_123_496lo.JPG][Image: th_68296_ella_pl17_123_700lo.JPG][Image: th_68301_ella_pl18_123_126lo.JPG]
[Image: th_68302_ella_pl19_123_195lo.JPG][Image: th_68303_ella_pl20_123_908lo.JPG][Image: th_68303_ella_pl21_123_572lo.JPG]
[Image: th_68308_ella_pl22_123_418lo.JPG][Image: th_68310_ella_pl23_123_169lo.JPG][Image: th_68315_ella_pl24_123_24lo.JPG]
[Image: th_68317_ella_pl25_123_856lo.JPG][Image: th_68322_ella_pl26_123_491lo.JPG][Image: th_68333_ella_pl27_123_199lo.JPG]
[Image: th_68338_ella_pl28_123_969lo.JPG]

18-05-2009 16:19
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RE: Introducing the lovely feet of Ella Jolie
Thanks a lot she is so cute
27-11-2009 16:59
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RE: Introducing the lovely feet of Ella Jolie
wow! thanks Big Grin

For the love of feet.

27-11-2009 17:17
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RE: Introducing the lovely feet of Ella Jolie

Today im wearing a gray hat. tomorrow it might be white or black, it depends on my mood
27-11-2009 21:59
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