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Newbie Cleo's first show on 11/07/2010, caps taken around 3:30pm - 3:50pm...

[Image: cl_11072010_cap18.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap17.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap16.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap15.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap14.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap13.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap12.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap11.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap10.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap09.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap06.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap07.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap05.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap08.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap04.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap03.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap02.jpg][Image: cl_11072010_cap01.jpg]
11-07-2010 16:27
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mucker Offline
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RE: Cleo
Is it just me or does anyone else see a possible family resemblance between Cleo and Keeley Huh.
11-07-2010 17:17
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elgar1uk Offline
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RE: Cleo
She looks like my kind of girl!
11-07-2010 17:28
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Spoon Offline
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RE: Cleo
She's very cute she's has a reall girl next door look.

"Whatever makes your leg shake"
11-07-2010 18:33
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gunflash10 Offline
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RE: Cleo
She also has a great set of natural breasts and a great body as well.Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Victoria Concordia Crescit
11-07-2010 19:08
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rockyraccoon Offline

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RE: Cleo
When is she next on?
14-07-2010 12:12
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tapit54 Offline
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RE: Cleo
I saw the title of the thread and got a rush of blood and palpatations thinking it was Cleo from BS going full on dirty! (I wish) Smile

But this Cleo is a hottie too & I hope we see her more often.
14-07-2010 20:12
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verona Offline
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RE: Cleo
Very nice! My kinda gal and she is on live now too!!
15-07-2010 13:44
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"mini see through thong"

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RE: Cleo
MMMMMMMMMMMMM--I like big babesTongueTongue
15-07-2010 13:49
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Bluearmy71 Offline
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RE: Cleo
A few caps from a short time ago Smile

[Image: th_01292_c1_123_1107lo.jpg][Image: th_01293_c2_123_236lo.jpg][Image: th_01295_c3_123_162lo.jpg]
[Image: th_01297_c4_123_423lo.jpg][Image: th_01299_c5_123_246lo.jpg][Image: th_01300_c6_123_175lo.jpg]
[Image: th_01303_c7_123_597lo.jpg][Image: th_01305_c9_123_201lo.jpg][Image: th_01307_c10_123_258lo.jpg]

15-07-2010 14:57
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