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Sex Station - Chat & Discussion
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RE: Sex Station - Chat & Discussion
Thanks for stating where you think we're at AD and for trying to tackle the thorny probem of what the operators think of all this.

I do feel some of the new things the main operators have been trying on the web of late seem to be aimed at countering possible consequences of implementing AV. But as you say I don't think anyone is fully aware of what all the ins and outs will be as yet.

66 are most definately paranoid about Ofcom getting the hump over pervcam. Nothing else could explain the ridiculous site of Evelyn (to name just one) trying last Tuesday to repeatedly cover the cam one minute only for to hold it proud for some time while directing it her feet the next. Literally 66 are making the thing seem more prominent than it is by constantly drawing attention to it with these supposedly precautionary directives.

There are areas though were the shows will lose out online if it's all put behind AV, like callers who watch on the web but can't or wont enter card details.

If the basic nudity of the live shows is judged as pornographic according to the BBFC's interpretation of the law (which gives a staggeringly broad interpretation of the word fit for a Sunday School teacher of the Teresa May type) then I can't see how everything can avoid being put behind AV. Even the day shows because can anyone really see them being given there own sites or some kind of time enabled AV (would that even be compatible with the law?). Is there any other realistic way around it?

No, as AD, says it'll most likely be kit and kabbodle and the operators will just try and step everything up a little to deal with it.

The babeshows just might have the idea that they can rewrite the expectations and standards of their web content, as they already have for TV, off the back of AV, while gathering the card details of previously stubborn holdouts into the bargin... but they are part of a larger context of porn that will remain free (ad and sponsor based) online after AV. They cannot counter the perception of 'something for nothing' this brings in the eyes of some - unluckily for them.

(14-02-2018 17:24 )admiral decker Wrote:  
(13-02-2018 21:47 )ShandyHand Wrote:  AD, will the fta streams on the operators' websites be behind credit card AV come May?

The SS rep couldn't give a definite answer to this, so we simply don't know at the moment.

I think the channels coud take this in their stride. The thing that would worry them is Ofcom finding a way of banning pervcam from TV. That would really upset their finances. I suspect that they are reasonably relaxed about age verification, as they increasingly want people to pay to view anyway, with all the blurrovision, curtains etc they use nowadays. Contrary to the position with TV, I don't think the webshows are overly reliant on window shoppers.

I'm sure they regard their net business as generally derived from TV. As for card details for viewing, they always have the option of keeping the free shows 'respectable' enough not to need the age verification.

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