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Donna Duke - Babestation : Chat, Caps & Vids
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steve6660 Offline
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Donna Duke - Babestation : Chat, Caps & Vids
Fully naked here lads!

but no oops Sad

add reputation

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02-10-2008 13:43
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Firebird Offline
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[split] Donna naked in bed?
Hers Donna .. naked on bed!!!

Attached File(s) Thumbnail(s)

18-11-2008 17:58
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Timbo Offline
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RE: Donna naked in bed?
She's got a beautiful face and lovelly lips too.
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20-11-2008 20:50
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cherryryder Offline

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RE: Donna naked in bed?
now that you mention it...she must have some thai blood in her..
20-11-2008 20:56
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shavedcok Offline
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Donna Duke - Vids
Here is a vid of the lovely Donna Duke.



[Image: cd959724594112.gif] [Image: acbb8224594116.gif] [Image: 2a990024594118.gif] [Image: 0b608024594120.gif] [Image: dc6d3b24594121.gif] [Image: 2ab15424594122.gif] [Image: ad9c5f24594125.gif] [Image: 85911224594128.gif] [Image: daf8e824594131.gif] [Image: edd17a24594135.gif] [Image: d772dc24594139.gif] [Image: ba29fb24594141.gif] [Image: c5f64b24594145.gif] [Image: bd6e5524594147.gif] [Image: 7e927224594149.gif] [Image: 40415724594150.gif] Free Image Hosting by

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25-01-2009 03:34
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FinalNova Offline
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RE: Donna Duke
Yesterdays Log?

Might Of Watched That But Just Incase I'd Get a Copy. lol


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25-01-2009 04:17
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skully Offline

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RE: Donna Duke
Thanks for the vid and caps shavedcok, Donna's always been one of my favourites (although my list seems to be growing exponentially).

Ad eundum quo nemo ante iit.
Tha thu 'nad fhaighean.
25-01-2009 14:40
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scousejeff Offline
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RE: Donna Duke
Thanks for the video fella.

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25-01-2009 21:38
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RE: Donna Duke
You can never have too much Donna Duke thats what i say! Cheers for the vid shavedcok!
26-01-2009 12:11
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skateguy Offline
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Donna Duke - Covered in Oil - Video
Clip of Donna covering herself in oil from last nights show. Can upload some more clips from her half hour oil-fest if anyone wants me to.

Its difficult to get it across in the caps, but there was so much oil on her, its literally pouring off her at some points in the clip.

[Image: 752061Donna_Oil_Cap1.jpg]

[Image: 144241Donna_Oil_Cap2.jpg]

[Image: 506689Donna_Oil_Cap5.jpg]

[Image: 789481Donna_Oil_Cap7.jpg]

[Image: 572151Donna_Oil_Cap8.jpg]

[Image: 423602Donna_Oil_Cap9.jpg]

[Image: 533988Donna_Oil_Cap11.jpg]

[Image: 574535Donna_Oil_Cap12.jpg]

[Image: 177787Donna_Oil_Cap13.jpg]

[Image: 731557Donna_Oil_Cap14.jpg]

[Image: 117762Donna_Oil_Cap16.jpg]

Donna, Babestation, 8/9 March 2009, 9.17 minutes

There's two different versions to choose from depending on your preferred resolution:

Version 1 - Normal-res (768 x 576) ::: Click to Download (Rapidshare, 140 MB)

Version 2 - Higher-res (1092 x 819) ::: Click to Download (Rapidshare, 200 MB)

[Image: ca340b29120190.gif]

If you experience problems playing this clip, use VLC Video player

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09-03-2009 19:50
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