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Beth - Chat & Discussion - Gun33 - 31-07-2012 00:36

I've been very impressed with the new girl Beth tonight. She is gorgeous looking and has a very sexy body. I hope to see more of her in the future! Wink

RE: Beth - thescientist - 31-07-2012 11:37

Seen Beth a few times on apprentice now, she's gorgeous, hope she becomes a regular.

RE: Beth - Gun33 - 14-08-2012 00:13

Beth is looking fantastic again tonight and she has such a sexy voice. Smile

RE: Beth - Ultramantis Black - 14-08-2012 00:36

Beth is always happy to post nice pics of herself on twitter aswell. Apprentice is pretty good tonight with Lexie also on.

RE: Beth - Gun33 - 14-08-2012 00:45

That tattoo on left side of her stomach is so sexy. Wink

RE: Beth - babefan11 - 21-08-2012 21:29

sexy beth is on tonight .looking gorgeous too. i love her curvy body and voice too.

RE: Beth - Kandifan2012 - 22-08-2012 10:43

Beth was hot last night, amazing.

RE: Beth - Chat & Discussion - Gun33 - 22-08-2012 17:29

If every woman from New Zealand is as gorgeous as Beth I am going to have to move out there! Wink

RE: Beth - thescientist - 22-08-2012 20:57

(21-08-2012 21:29 )babefan11 Wrote:  sexy beth is on tonight .looking gorgeous too. i love her curvy body and voice too.

Agree totally, love the body and that sexy accent

RE: Beth - Chat & Discussion - Beth Babestation - 01-09-2012 04:36

Just wanted to say Hi, and thank you all for the lovely comments.. I'm back on apprentice this coming monday (the 3rd) so hopefully you all get a chance to watch xx