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Masti Nights - Chat, Caps & Vids - IndianKing - 27-10-2011 11:53

Due to the massive demand by Masti Chat viewers...Masti Nights will be on trial on Tuesday 1st of November 2011 from 9pm till 5am!! You can catch the show on Sky 909 and Freeview!

You can catch your favourite performers Ayesha and Shantii all evening on Masti Nights...So DO NOT MISS OUT!!

Masti Nights
Tuesday 1st of November 2011
Sky 909 and Freeview

RE: Masti Nights - Trickster - 27-10-2011 13:37

Woop woop bring on Mariam awesome news

RE: Masti Nights - dave34 - 27-10-2011 14:17

looks good but what's the freeview number

RE: Masti Nights - Rammyrascal - 27-10-2011 19:07

great news, nice to have a change from normal babestation

RE: Masti Nights - mr mystery - 27-10-2011 19:54

I just hope they don't turn it into a Masti version of BS , with bloody extra square box OSG adverts all over the screen and host presenters jumping on screen every few minutes trying to flog forbidden pics and vids , and stick paper messages on the girls ass's advertising the same thing that's already shown in the OSG's , also will the girl caller gimmick be used ? , anyway saying all that i'm looking forward to Masti's first night show Smile.

RE: Masti Nights - The Narcissist - 27-10-2011 20:21

Really looking forward to this tonight. I also agree with mr mystery and hope there won't be any of that box border advertisement crap that we are so accustomed to with babestation. It really detracts from the girls and a real put off.

RE: Masti Nights - Rammyrascal - 27-10-2011 21:03

its not tonight, its next tuesday

RE: Masti Nights - Charlemagne - 27-10-2011 21:45

Well done Masti, you couldn't have picked a better pair of babes.

Now what am I doing on the 1st Spain Sad

RE: Masti Nights - stueyboy - 27-10-2011 22:00

This is great news indeed!! I really hope it looks different to the normal BS Nights stuff, particularly regarding the OSGs and frequent adverts.
The biggest turn-off by far are big on screen graphics which often get in the way, and I really hope Masti Nights also keeps their graphics and adverts down to a minimum.
That said, I'm very much looking forward to seeing Ayesha and Shantii next Tuesday night Smile

RE: Masti Nights - Firebird - 27-10-2011 22:08

Mmm this is gonna be a great show, im looking forward to this debut, with my BEST 2 girls from Masti kicking off the show!!