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French Blowjobs - eccles - 27-09-2010 23:06

France's ex-justice minister Rachida Dati told Canal Plus: "I see some [foreign investment funds] looking for returns of 20 or 25% at a time when fellatio is close to zero."

She mixed up the words "fellatio" and "inflation" - which sound similar in French - during a TV interview.
[Image: _49260936_dati_afp.jpg]
Within hours, the video was an internet hit on websites such as YouTube.

Ms Dati, now a Euro MP, later laughed off the whole episode saying she had spoken too quickly. (A slip of the tongue perhaps)

Ms Dati also said she was happy to have provided some entertainment.

The French word for fellatio is "fellation", which sounds similar to the word "inflation".

Ms Dati left the government last year amid criticism of her management style, and gossip about her clothes and love life. She is now an MEP and serves as mayor of Paris's seventh arrondissement.

Only the French would make economics sound like sex.
BBC News

Lapsus: Dati confond "inflation" et... "fellation"
Uploaded by LePostfr. - Watch the latest news videos.

RE: French Blowjobs - eccles - 02-10-2010 00:28

French Politician Calls For Return Of Brothels
Noone would want to sterotype the French as being sex obsessed, particularly on a babe channel forum, but here is a totally unrepresentative post quoting from Le Parisien in the Huffington Post 19/3/2010

Quote:Chantal Brunel, a French MP and member of Nicolas Sarkozy's party, has called for a return to a system of licensed brothels in the country.

"Women selling sex should be allowed to do so legally on special licensed premises," said Brunel, an MP for the UMP party, who was appointed last month as head of the national watchdog on sexual equality.

"This would free thousands of women from the exploitation they suffer at the hands of pimps and criminal gangs and offer them much more security they currently have on the streets.

"It would give them a legal taxable income and they would not be handing over large sums of their earning to a pimp," she said.

Brunel's proposals appear to be supported by the French public. A national poll by the CSA agency found that 59 per cent approved reopening regulated brothels. The plans were supported more by men (70 per cent) than by women (49 per cent), yet only 13 per cent of women were opposed, according to the poll for Le Parisien.

Sarkozy had previously come down hard on France's sex industry. Back in 2003, while interior minister, he made "passive solicitation" a crime punishable by a jail term - meaning women could be judged to have been soliciting just by their appearance, even if they had not approached a potential customer.

Critics, however, say the 'Sarkozy law' only forced prostitutes into more dangerous circumstances. Brunel, once a supporter of the law, appears to agree.

Blonde Island - eccles - 03-10-2010 23:05

Lithuanian blonde island plan raises eyebrows
A Lithuanian company plans to set up a holiday island in the Maldives run entirely by blondes - the latest project in a growing blonde movement in the Baltics. But how legitimate is this latest sign of Baltic blonde ambition?
[Image: _49314609_1285923012.jpg]
What do you call a blonde who runs a business? A dab hand at marketing, if she comes from Lithuania.

Blondes in the Baltics have had enough of the jokes about being dumb. Now they want to show they are smarter than the gags make out, with a growing blonde business empire.

The Lithuanian company Olialia, pronounced "ooh-la-la", is setting up a holiday resort in the Maldive islands.

The firm plans to pull in the tourists by employing only blonde staff, and offering direct flights to the island crewed entirely by blondes, including the pilots. eek

Olialia is run and staffed by blonde women, and already operates in 75 different business sectors, making products from computer software and food products to pop music.

Thanks to the BBC 2/10/2010[/size]

RE: French Blowjobs - eccles - 25-10-2010 22:43

In a change of pace, here is a clipping about foreigners toning it down from the BBC

Quote:Italian seaside town planning miniskirt ban
A seaside city in Italy is planning to ban miniskirts and other revealing clothing to improve what the mayor calls standards of public decency.

Castellammare di Stabia is trying to be the latest location in Italy to make use of new powers to crack down on what is deemed to be anti-social behaviour.

Mayor Luigi Bobbio said the regulations would help "restore urban decorum and facilitate better civil co-existence".

Offenders would face fines of between 25 and 500 euros (10p-£2*).

"Nothing too revealing" is the new policy Mayor Bobbio wants to enforce, says the BBC's Duncan Kennedy in Rome.

That means a tough new dress code which would effectively outlaw everything from miniskirts to low-cut jeans when people walk around Castellammare di Stabia, our correspondent adds.

Mr Bobbio, from the centre-right People of Freedom party, says he wants to target people who are "rowdy, unruly or simply badly behaved".

There will also be a ban on sunbathing, playing football in public places, and blasphemy, if the proposals are approved at a council meeting on Monday.

Castellammare di Stabia is latest city to make use of the extra powers ... in the effort to fight crime and confront anti social behaviour.

In other places they have banned sandcastles, kissing in cars, feeding stray cats, wooden clogs and the use of lawn mowers at weekends.

Strange as it may, seem much of Italy is anti-religious, because for hundreds of years in the Papal states the Church was the landlord, police and boss all rolled into one, so good luck trying to ban blasphemy. And they'll have to fight the Dutch over the clogs.
* I made up the exchange rate. The rest is true.
[Image: _49638508_99168374.jpg]

RE: French Blowjobs - eccles - 27-10-2010 01:51

Honestly, you cant make this stuff up

Spanish prostitutes ordered to wear reflective vests for their own safety
Prostitutes working on the street outside a town northern Spain have been ordered to wear reflective vests to make them visible to passing traffic and reduce the risk of accidents.
Women touting for customers on a rural highway outside Els Alamus near Lleida in Catalonia have been told to don the yellow fluorescent bibs or pay fines of 40 euros (£36) under road traffic laws.

Police claim the sex workers on the LL-11 road are not being specifically targeted because of what they do but because they posed a danger to drivers.
The prostitutes are in breach of 2004 law which states pedestrians on major highways and hard shoulders must wear the high visibility garments.[suppose they could always claim that because they were lying down they werent predestrians? Sorry, cheap crack].

Women wearing very little clothing and standing on roadsides outside towns and cities are a common sight across Spain [come on, its hot out there]. A recent survey found one in four Spanish men admitted to having paid for sex [someone tell Ofcom].
[Image: Els-Alamus_1746724c.jpg]

Daily Telegraph
Korea Herald
Citi FM Online (Accra-Ghana)
and the good old Chester Chronicle

[Image: 4cc6cc9732b82.jpg]

I suppose the day glo jackets are supposed to stigmatise them, but what the local council is doing is making it easier to find a woman on negotiable affection. They havent really thought it through, have they?

RE: French Blowjobs - eccles - 21-11-2010 02:53

Not babe related, but foreign loopiness so here it is -

Cannabis fed to ducks by French farmer for 'deworming' ~ BBC
A French farmer has been given a one-month suspended jail sentence and fined 500 euros (£428) for feeding his ducks marijuana to rid them of worms.

Police arrested Michel Rouyer after they discovered 12 cannabis plants and about 5kg (11lb) of the drug during a visit to his home after a theft.

Mr Rouyer said there was "no better worming substance" for ducks and that his flock was in excellent health.

A police spokesman said it was the first time they had heard such a claim.

Mr Rouyer, who lives in the village of Gripperie-Saint-Symphorien on France's Atlantic coast, did also admit to smoking some of the marijuana.

RE: French Blowjobs - eccles - 21-11-2010 02:59

Spain 'orgasm' video criticised by politicians ~ BBC

Spanish politicians have criticised a video by the Young Socialists in Catalonia in which a woman simulates an orgasm while casting her vote.

Both Socialist and opposition politicians have attacked the campaign video.

The equality minister called it "misleading" advertising.

In the video the young woman gets increasingly excited as she votes for the Socialist Party in this month's regional elections in Catalonia.

It concludes with the phrase, "Voting is a pleasure", after she puts her voting slip in the ballot box.

The leader of the conservative opposition Popular Party of Catalonia, Alicia Sanchez-Camacho, said the video was an "attack on the dignity of women".

The health minister, Leire Pajin, who is a Socialist, called on all parties to show respect for women and to act responsibly.

The Socialist equality minister, Bibiana Aido, said of the video: "If it was true, electoral participation would go up greatly, but I think we are dealing with a misleading advert."

'Crude' video

But the Socialist Party of Catalonia 's leader, Jose Montilla, who is standing for re-election, said, "If it encourages people to vote, it's a good thing".

However, speaking in a TV interview he appeared surprised to learn that it was a video by the youth wing of his own party.

A spokesman for the conservative CiU party, Josep Antoni Duran Lleida, said that the "crude" video would damage participation.

The leader of the Green coalition in Catalonia, Joan Herrera, said it would be "very difficult to reach orgasm voting for any of the candidates, myself included".