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UFC - groundnpound - 24-03-2010 15:34

Good luck on saturday night Dan!

RE: UFC - CFCBLUE - 24-03-2010 17:09

Hope he wins. Will he be the first British UFC Champion ever ? Just looked at the bookies prices, the man he"s fighting (Georges st Pierre) is 1-5 On, and Hardy is 11-2, so it looks like a very tough fight for him. (Live on ESPN from 2 a.m.- 6 a.m. Saturday night).

RE: UFC - groundnpound - 25-03-2010 01:29

Yeah mate your rite, he'd be the 1st british champion! Can't wait til sat nite. He's a proper striker Dan Hardy and i think he'll catch GSP at some point and it mite be enough? GSP is brilliant though! and at 11/2 i think he's worth a small punt! Thanks for the reply mate wasn't sure if any1 would respond!

RE: UFC - mrben - 26-03-2010 00:28

GSP is one of my idols but this time i have to represent the UK & cheer for hardy. to be honest tho hardy probably only has a punchers chance, GSP is the complete package. UK's paul daley fights koscheck at UFC113. if he wins & gets a shot at GSP daley can knock anybody out, but i think GSP will be on top for a long time yet.

RE: UFC - groundnpound - 26-03-2010 12:18

Your rite about GSP mate. He's got it all. But he can be knocked out, like most guys... Daley could also set up a british super fight if both uk fighters win??

RE: UFC - groundnpound - 29-03-2010 13:40

Unbelievable performance by GSP on sat nite! He totally controlled the fight from start to finish. Dan Hardy needs to take some credit too tho, how he didn't tap out on two different occasions amazed me... Hats off to him. Better luck next time Hardy.

RE: UFC - 199lives - 29-03-2010 16:57

GSP is a step above anyone at welter at the moment,totally controlled the fight Hardy landed nothing all night but one tough SOB for not tapping though. Hope Carwin smashes the shit out of Lesnar, shane is cool and Brocks a bell-end should be a good fight when it happens.

RE: UFC - CFCBLUE - 29-03-2010 16:59

Your right mate , GSP was just too good and unbelievably quick, and yet he was disappointed with his performance eek . I have to give Hardy big respect for not quitting when it looked like GSP was going to break his arm and neck at the same time eek.

RE: UFC - groundnpound - 29-03-2010 19:31

Totally agree guys. I think the welterweight belt will only change hands when GSP moves up a division. He's a fantastic champion and a really great guy. Thot he was top class with Hardy at the end. Frank Mir V Shane Carwin was awsome! I thot Mir could keep Carwin at bay until the second but what an imense striker Carwin isSurprised my goodness lol hope he destroys Lesnar in the same fashion.

RE: UFC - 199lives - 30-03-2010 15:21

hey G'n'P you seem a big fan do you post on any mma sites, i lurk on the underground myself, i like that a lot of people in the industry post.